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Cabinet Plastic Laminate Installation Instructions

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In this article I will give installations instructions for applying Formcia onto a cabinet. Plastic laminate work is something that must be learned from a professional. Please seek out an experienced cabinetry man to help with this project. Laminating is a fine art and requires the proper tools and methods be used in order to achieve professional results.

  • Tip: Plastic laminate should always be cut one inch larger than the surface that it will be adhered to.

Purchase the Formcia from a local dealer or hardware store. It’s possible to order sheets from online also. I do however recommend that you try to find someone locally. Most cabinet supply companies can supply what you need within twenty four hours. Some things just work better if the materials are ordered locally. This is one of those types of projects.

Review these articles before starting.

Cabinet Plastic Laminating Instructions

All of the above articles should prepare you for following all of these steps below. AS mentioned earlier, get help from someone who knows laminate work well.

1)Sand the area where the Formcia will be adhered to the cabinet so that there are no humps or bumps.

2) Glue the cabinet and the plastic laminate

Prior to sticking the laminate, make sure that there are no small chips in the glue. Do this by wiping your hand over the dried glue just prior to sticking the two surfaces together. Get every little piece of anything off that is in the glue. If you don’t, you will have a noticeable hump underneath the Formica after you sick the two pieces together.

3) Stick the Formcia to the cabinet. Be very careful to align the piece pf plastic right before letting it stick with the cabinet part. If you miss, you will need to read this instructional called, How To Remove Glued Plastic Laminate.

4) Roll the plastic laminate

5) Route off the excess

6) File the finished edges

7)Clean with lacquer thinner

Installation of cabinet Formcia is something that must be learned by watching a professional cabinet maker perform this art. It is not something that armatures should attempt without proper training. There are many various instructions that can be found on the Internet to help you understand more about the installation process of gluing plastic laminate onto cabinets. This article and many others on our website will reveal thousands of tips that can help you succeed at gluing Formica onto your kitchen, bathroom or office cabinets.

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