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Materials Needed for Recovering Cabinets With Plastic Laminate

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What materials are going to be needed and how much will it cost when you start recovering the kitchen cabinets? First off, let me suggest that if you don’t have experiencein working with Formica plastic laminate, consider hiring a professional resurfacing man.

Contact Glue
You are going to need to purchase some contact glue adhesive.  There are many brands on the market to choose from. I would highly recommend that you visit a local cabinet supply company and purchase the cement from them. Generally the glue is available in spray cans, on gallon and five gallon brush-on or spray grade options. To date, the costs of the glue can range from about fifteen dollars per aerosol can to seventy five dollars per five gallon pale. If you have a large kitchen, you are recovering, the aerosol cans get expensive fast. They are a lot easier to work with and leave less glue to clean off than if you brush the glue on though. I personally like to use the cans.

Plastic Laminate

Most of the suppliers or manufactures, of plastic laminate, charge about the same price per square foot for laminating materials. Purchase the materials from a local cabinet manufacturing company. You will get it quicker and with much less hassle than going through a large home center.

The cabinets are going to be resurfaced using a VT grade plastic. Learn more about the various sizes of Formica and what the terms mean by clicking on that link back there. If you are using a matte finish plastic laminate, then the size of the sheets will be four by eight feet. If you are recovering with a high gloss material, the sheets will be four feet by ten feet. The costs are figured by the square foot and can range from fifty cents to three dollars or more per sq. ft.

Lacquer Thinner Material
This chemical is used to remove the contact glue from cabinet plastic laminate.
It also works well for wiping the cupboards down to remove grease build-up prior to recovering the cabinets with the new materials. Click the link for more info on preparing to recover plastic laminate cabinets.  This paint thinner generally costs around $20 per gallon and can be purchased at a local hardware store or even Wal-mart.

Other miscellaneous materials needed for successfully refacing your kitchen or bathroom vanity cabinets will not cost very much. You’re going to need fifty grit sand paper or belts for your belt sander to rough things up with. Some sort of lubricant like wax or petroleum jelly for the router bit to ride against. That’s basically all of the materials needed for relaminating your Formica cupboards. Now using the right tools for resurfacing or cutting plastic laminate cabinet parts might get expensive. Make sure to check out other posts related to resurfacing cabinets.

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