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Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Additions

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With so many kitchen cabinetry options to select from, what are the most requested or popular cabinet additions? In the many years that I’ve been selling cupboards, by far the number one request is roll-out drawers. Then I’d have to say the second most requested item is a pull-out trash can and third some sort of spice storage.

Roll-out Drawers

These items go behind the cupboard doors and are not seen until the door is opened. One of the only problems that customers should be aware of is that a roll-out will cause some cabinetry space to be lost. In actuality, a pull-out cabinet drawer will cause you to loose four and a half inches of storage from left to right. If you have space to spare these are the most popular additions or extras that people ask for.

Trash Cans for Cabinets
The next item in order is the pull-out trash can. These are usually available in two styles, one that attaches to the door and one that doesn’t. The mechanism that gets attached to the door is the most common one that is asked for by kitchen cabinet customers. This makes sense because anytime you can eliminate an operation, like having to open a door prior to pulling out the trash can, it makes the kitchen more functional.

Spice Cabinet Storage

These can be located in a number of places and are usually put in areas where nothing else seems to fit. At least, this is the case with base cabinet designs. For kitchen upper cabinet extras, the addition of a spice rack on the back of a door works great and customers love them.

There are thousands of selections for kitchen cabinetry extras. Most additions don’t come cheap though. This seems to be how many companies make a lot of additional money. For instance, a pull-out trash can for an extra might only cost fifty dollars. The cabinet company will then add an additional one hundred dollars for ordering it and installing it. That entire process only takes a few minutes or actually about a half hour. That’s pretty good money for just adding an addition to the kitchen cabinetry.

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