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Kitchen Base Cabinets Design Ideas

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These tips will help you select functional kitchen base cabinets. These lower cupboard design ideas will sever you well when you are trying to decide on what types of cabinetry you will have in your new kitchen.

Lazy Susans
Through the years, several customers have suggested that lazy susan mechanisms are a waist of space. This is an understandable argument because the interior of the cabinets are made square and a lazy susan is designed with a circular shape. The alternative is to use full depth adjustable shelves.

Drawer Cabinets

This is the most important element in kitchen base cabinet design. There are several options to consider when you are putting together the layout of cupboards.

-One drawer over the door.
-A stack of drawers
-Roll-outs that go behind doors
-Special inserts for cutlery items such as knives, forks and spoons.
-Spice inserts

A wonderful customer of mine told me that she wanted many drawers in her kitchen base cabinets design layout. It was a very large kitchen cabinet layout so we added plenty of them to the design. After the cabinets were installed, she told me that I should always recommend to my clients that they get a lot of them installed in their base cabinetry layouts.

Adjustable Shelves Fixed or Full

If you are getting custom made cabinetry, consider having full depth base cabinet shelves in the design rather than just half depth shelves. Some people like having the half ones because they can stack pots and pans up. Others have voiced that they want full depth ones because the others waist space. It just boils down to personal preference.

Slide-out Spice Racks
These are popular items to have when there is a very small base cabinet space that needs to be utilized in the kitchen layout.

Wire Baskets
There are hundreds of different styles of pull-out baskets that can be installed in base cabinets. Under the sink roll-out wire shelves and large basket types are just a few of the various styles that are available.

Trash Cans
This is a must if you can fit one into your kitchen base cabinetry design. Trash cans are available in many styles and sizes and range from below fifty dollars to over three hundred.

Pop-up Blender Shelves
These are usually high ticketed items that just take up a lot of room in the cabinet. If you do not have space to waist, I would not bother with this one.

There are hundreds of different kitchen base cabinet ideas for the layout and design. The determining factor will be the budget that you are working with. All of these things that deviate from the normal (or, “standard”) kitchen base cabinet that has a shelf and a drawer are going to cost extra.

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