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Putting Together Cabinets From A Box

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This is a great video demonstration of how to assemble cabinets that are in a box. They call these “ready to assemble” cupboards. The tools needed for putting together these RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets are a hammer, drill with various bits, utility knife, and a Phillips head screw driver.

These type cupboards are held together with a combination of cam fasteners and dowels. Usually there is a glue packet included with the cabinet assembly parts.

After assembling one or two cabinets, you will be able to place the pats in the correct places without even looking at the instructions.

You will discover that the most time consuming part about putting together ready to assemble cabinets is the drawer assembly. The process takes a long time to complete for cabinet manufactures as well. There are a lot of parts that are required for making the drawers work.

The best advice that I can give you upfront is to make sure that you follow the directions to the “T” on the first couple of cupboards that you put together. If you do not do this, the chances are likely that you will have to tear the cabinet apart and will end up putting it back together the right way.

Putting together cabinets that are un-assembled and bought in a box can be done by almost anyone. It is just a matter of hammering a few things in place, putting the correct wood parts in respective positions and then turning a few cam lock head screws.

Using these ready to assemble cabinets is a great choice for getting a good low cost cabinet. I would not really recommend them for high end custom applications though.

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