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Ready To Assemble Cabinets Durability

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In most cases Read To Assemble (RTA) desks, computer centers, kitchen cabinets and storage cupboards are made from cheap materials. Even though at first glance they may appear to look nice, over the course of time they will eventually begin to show apparent signs of wear and tear. Except in cases where the furniture is all real wood or ply –wood parts. In such a case the RTA cupboards should be able to withstand the most serious abusive conditions.

The cheaper ready to assemble cabinets that I am referring to as NOT being durable are the ones that look like real wood, but in actuality the outer coating is a very thin paper like substance. Yes, what appears to be pretty is actually made from the same materials that wall paper is made from, “paper.”

Not all of these prefab cabinets that come in a box are either made from real wood or have this thin paper coating. Some RTA cupboards are actually made from Melamine. This is a hard coating that is comparable to plastic laminate (Formica). If this material is what your ready to assemble cabinet desk, storage, or laundry room cabinets are made out of, then they will be fairly durable, much more so than the paper laminated parts.

Now, if you plan on using the cabinets or desk that you purchased a lot, make sure that the material’s outer surfaces have a durable finish on them. If the surface is made out of the paper thin coating, then the units will begin to show evidence of wear and tear quickly. For instance, if you place a full glass on a desk top and it sweats, soon-enough it will cause the paper finish to wear through. Also, in areas where there is a keyboard slid-out shelf and a mouse is used on the surface, it will work right through the paper finish and you will soon see raw particle board underneath.

Every ready to assemble cabinet or desk manufacture is going to use a different style of hinge or drawer slides. For the most part the handles and knobs are usually made out of plastic. Just remember; “you get what you pay for.” The more expensive the RTA furniture pieces the better they should be.

One of the best longstanding companies, known for manufacturing durable and quality products in the industry is Sauder Furniture. If the desk, or storage cabinets you are purchasing say Sauder, the chances are really great that they are pretty good items to buy.

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