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Removing Kitchen Cabinet Range Hood

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Removing appliances that are directly wired in your kitchen requires turning the electrical breaker off first. There will be screws in the cabinet holding the range hood in place. Usually there are four of them that are located near the four corners of the over the range hood.

A word of caution, always make sure to cap off the wire with an electrical connector or some black electrical tape once the appliance has been removed. Covering the end of the wire will safeguard against any accidents happening if the breaker gets accidentally turned back on before you reinstall the old hood or mount the new one.

This actually happened to me once, a kitchen hood wire was hot and as I was sweeping the floor my bald head hit the live wire. Needless to say, I took a fall from the shock and the surprise. As I lay on the floor

How to remove an over the range kitchen hood

This is not a tutorial on how to remove an over the stove microwave. Theses steps are for taking down a kitchen hood that is just for venting purposes only. They are usually about eight inches in height and sloped like a house roof.

1) Turn the hood on so you can hear the motor running or the light is shinning.
2) Go to the electrical panel and flip switches off and then back on until you find the one that is supplying the current to the cabinet range hood. Once you find the correct breaker, leave it in the off position.
3) Remove the four screws that fasten the appliance to the cabinet. It is a good idea to get someone to help hold the range hood while you unscrew the screws.
4) Take the wire nuts off of the electrical connection and untwist the wires.
5) Cap the ends of the range hoods power-supply wires with electrical connectors and black electricians tape.

Remember to recheck the breaker prior to installing the cabinet range hood. For the little amount of time that it takes to do this it is well worth the effort. Never be in such a hurry that you leave this life saving step out of the process.

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