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Cut Kitchen Hood Cabinet for Vent

Before making the cut it’s important that the kitchen hood cabinet be centered over the vent pipe. If it is not positioned properly make sure that you will be able to make the transition work before cutting the hole.

  • Tip: If you’re installing a microwave hood make sure to drill a 1” hole in the back of the cabinet for the electrical wire to pull through. An outlet should be mounted on the inside of the cabinet for the microwave to plug into. DO NOT wire it direct. If you do the manufactures warrantee on the microwave will not be good.


Steps for the Hood Vent Cutout in Cabinet

1) Measure and make a center line on the outside of the upper cabinet’s top and bottom.

2) Measure seven inches both ways from the center line. This will make the distance of the dimension fourteen inches overall.

3) Draw square lines from front to back on the marks that are 14” apart from one another.

4) Measure three quarters of an inch back from the front edge and make a straight line between the fourteen inch lines.

5) Cut along the lines from the outside of the cabinet using a skill saw or saber saw or both. It is not necessary to cut through the back of the cabinet unless it needs to be removed because it will interfere with the pipe coming down from the ceiling.

6) Build a hood cover box that is the height of the inside clear dimension by fifteen inches wide and the required depth to cover your cut from front to back. This box should be finished to match the cabinetry.

Once the cabinet is hung secure to the wall, the microwave or regular hood is installed and the vent is attached, slide the three sided hood vent cover box inside the upper cabinet to cover over the vent pipe.

  • Tip: If you would like to get creative, it’s possible to fabricate spice shelves that will go on either side of the three sided vent cover box.

If you would like to try cutting the hole for the hood vent more accurately you can. This has just proven to be the quickest method that allows plenty of adjustment room for attaching the hood to the vent pipe. The additional width leaves a little play in case the kitchen hood cabinet is not centered over the vent. If you try to make the cut more accurate you will still need to make a three sided cover.

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