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Kitchen Cabinet Canned Food Storage Ideas

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There are places in kitchen cabinet designs where canned food storage is ideal. These ideas can help you design convenient areas for storing your canned vegetables, fruits or meats. Most people don’t really think about how to arrange their cupboards to accommodate these items. After studying my suggestions you will have some solid design suggestions to offer your cabinetry designer.

Being able to organize these food containers so that they can be easily located is a huge plus for the family that eats at home a lot. In today’s economy eating at home is a wonderful way to save a lot of money. Going to places like Sam’s Club and stocking up can be greatly beneficial to the bank account.

Storing Cans in The Island
The end base units on an island cupboard layout make great areas for placing shallow cabinets to accommodate canned foods. An inside clear depth of six to ten inches works perfect for storing those round containers of tuna fish, Spanish beans or Campbell’s’ soups. These lower cabinets should have doors on them unless you like the look of having canned goods seen on open shelves.

Shallow Tall Cupboards
Through the years we have added shallow pantry cabinets to the side of larger pantry units that house canned goods. If you were facing the doors of a pantry, an additional shallow-pantry would get added to the side of the unit with the doors facing the opposite direction. Just about any place where you can add a shallow cupboard works great for canned food storage in the kitchen. By thinking through creative ideas you may be very please with the end result of your efforts.

Pull-out Basket Storage Ideas for Canned Food
There are a number of products offering kitchen pull-out basket ideas which can suit well for storing canned food. Pantry slide-outs and baskets designed to hang on the backside of cabinet doors work great for small, medium and large cans.

Kitchen cabinet roll-out drawers generally don’t make good areas for canned food storage. It’s too difficult to see the labels once the drawer is filled with various brands and varieties of canned food. I’ve personally never seen anything that offered a workable kitchen cabinet design inside of a drawer for storing these items.

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