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Spice Rack Storage Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

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If you like to cook, then you’re going to need a designated spice rack storage area in your kitchen. There are better ideas or alternatives to just placing them on the standard shelves of the upper cabinets. Door racks, drawer inserts, turntable carousels, swing-out and slide-out shelves are all possible options for storing all of your favorite seasonings.

Door Racks for Spices
This by far is the most common up grade idea that people add to their kitchen cabinet design. Depending upon the style cabinetry door that you have, you may need to pay special attention to order the correct size for your upper door. You will have to make sure that the shelves of the wall cabinet will not interfere with the basket as well.

Spice Drawer Inserts

There are many styles of organizers that can be used inside your kitchen drawers. One of which I call a tier insert designed for spice storage. It looks like a stair case on a miniature scale. The drawer insert is molded in one piece and is fabricated out of hard plastic. They inserts are available from cabinet hardware supply companies. You cannot order them in custom sizes.

The spice drawer plastic inserts are over sized and need to be custom fit to the inside dimensions of your drawer. In order for the tier to work it will need to be cut with a table saw. This operation should be performed by a custom cabinet maker. This is a wonderful accessory for organizing your kitchen cabinets.

Spice Carousel
This is similar to a Lazy Susan because it is mounted on a turning mechanism. They generally are installed inside the upper wall cabinetry. The ideal location is in the corner or angled cross corner cabinet. A standard height upper cabinet that is thirty inches high will have a spice turntable that has three shelves to place the seasonings on.

Small Drawers For Spice Storage
Oftentimes kitchen cabinet designs will have an upper cabinet that extends all the way to the countertop’s surface. A common design usually includes small drawers just above the countertop surface. This is a great place to put spices.

Pantry Cabinet Doors and Swing-Out Shelves
Large shelf racks fabricated to attach to the backside of pantry cabinet doors work great for storing various kinds of cooking spices. Also, inside the pantry cabinet is a great place to have swing-out shelves that are shallow in depth for placing them on.

Tall Slide Out Base Cabinet Spice Storage

A popular item that can be found in a kitchen cabinet design is a skinny base cabinet that has shelves for spices. These units are generally built inside cupboards that are nine to twelve inches in width.

I have witnessed some cabinet manufactures options where the cabinets were only four inches wide that had pull-out spice storage shelves. Those types of units are open on both sides and the drawer slide hardware attaches onto the bottom of the cabinet and pull-out shelves.

Obviously, if you are the type of person who doesn’t do a lot of cooking, you should consider omitting a spice cabinet storage option. Like all extras that you add to the kitchen cabinet design, these options cost extra to have. Weigh the possibilities of how often you will actually be using one of these additions. Even though the ideas of having different types of spice storage included in the kitchen cabinet design, why have it if you’re not going to use it?

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