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Painting Old Sink Cabinet Bottoms

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When you decide to clean out underneath the old sink cabinet you may want to consider painting the area. A word of caution though, if the old sink cabinet bottom has absorbed some sort of liquid and has swelled, you may be in for a challenging task. The reason I say this is because if the substance was lotion that soaked into the flake board, you will have a very tough time getting the paint to adhere.

Tip: Before applying the new paint wipe the interior surface down with lacquer thinner. This will help to remove any lotion build-up that is on the surface.

Materials Needed

A) Sand paper
b) Lacquer thinner
c) Cleaning rags
d) Spray paint

Best Way to Paint Cabinet Bottoms

1)Obviously you are going to need to remove everything from the inside of the kitchen or bathroom vanity sink cabinet.
2)Wipe the inside down good with mild soapy water
3)Sand down any water damaged areas
4)Vacuum dust out good
5) Wipe interior with lacquer thinner
6)Allow to dry for a half hour
7)Shake up the spray paint well and give it a coat

If when you apply the first coat of paint and it will not adhere to the area where you sanded down the raised particle board, let everything dry really good. Once dry, re-sand the area and wipe it really well with the lacquer thinner. Allow the area to dry good again and then lightly sand. Spray another coat of paint over the surface. If the paint will not adhere, then there is too much lotion in the particle board. I think at this point you should consider placing shelf paper over the area.

One last thing, when you are painting the old cabinet bottoms with the spray paint, it is going to stink. Make sure that you can use a floor fan and open a window or two to air out the room really well. It would be a good idea to use a respirator while you are spraying the paint.

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