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How To Spray Paint Formica Cabinets and Doors

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Here’s how I prepare to spray paint plastic laminate Formica cabinets. Removing the doors and reinstalling them is the most difficult part of the project. You are going to need special paint from the store that is designed to adhere to plastic laminate. One brand name that works well is Cabinet Rescue. Here’ a good article with someĀ  fast kitchen cabinet remodeling ideas for painting.

Tools & Materials Needed for Painting Plastic Laminate

-Lacquer Thinner
-Spray Gun
-220 Grit Sand Paper
-Putty Knife
-Masking Tape
-Protective Paper or Plastic
-Paint Respirator -Air Filter Mask

Preparing Plastic Laminate Cabinets and Doors for Painting

The first thing that should be done when preparing the cabinets is all of the contents of the cupboards need to be removed. Interior and exterior surfaces should be cleaned using the lacquer thinner; wear your paint respirator. Be sure to open windows and doors for proper ventilation, especially when you start painting. Refer to this article for Painting Raised Panel Cabinet Doors.

*Clean all areas with the lacquer thinner.
*Mask off all areas with the plastic or paper and tape that you don’t want paint to get on.
*Sand all of the Formica surfaces that will be getting painted with the 220 grit sand paper.
*Wipe the plastic laminate off again with the lacquer thinner and allow them to thoroughly dry.
*Mix the paint primer with the recommended thinner so that it sprays smoothly from the painting spray gun. When spraying there should be a nice fan of liquid that lays on the laminate wet and smooth. Do not apply the paint with short motions, but rather long passes from left to right. Refer to this article on using a compressed air spray paint gun.
*Your first coat of primer should be a tack-coat. This is a very light coating of the paint applied to the cabinets and doors first. Then spray the paint thicker after the tack application has been applied.
*Allow to COMPLETLEY dry and then sand the primer paint with 220 sand paper. Then apply another liberal coat with the spray gun. Sand this application of paint after it dries completely.
*Spray paint all of the cabinets and doors with the finish paint. Here again you should apply a tack coat first. Once the first coat is finished drying, apply the final layer of spray paint.

Kitchen or bathroom vanity cabinets should not be painted with anything other than a recommended paint brand for Formica plastic laminate. This is not a project that will work with any type of finish. In order for the cupboards to be durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear, you must only use a product that is designed specifically for painting kitchen or bathroom Formica Plastic laminate cabinetry. If you are applying the substance over gloss laminate be certain to sand all areas of the plastic using 100 grit sand paper and then follow-up with 220 grit before applying the paint to the Formica.

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