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Undermount Sink is Loose Granite Counter

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There are a couple of ways that an undermount kitchen sink can be repaired if it is loose and moving. A granite countertop has support clips that are holding the sink in place. This is generally the first place to start. There are a few things that you will need to complete this project successfully. I recently fixed this very problem in a European style kitchen.

Tools & Materials

1) Phillips screwdriver
2) Flashlight
3) Four pieces of cardboard twelve inches by sixteen inches wide
4) Screws (optional)

Open the sink cabinet doors and where the sink meets the granite counter look at the clips, using the flashlight. There should be no less than eight and up to ten of these clips holding the unit in place.

Next tighten all of the screws with your Phillips screwdriver. It’s possible that a coup-le of the clips will need to be repositioned. Usually when there is a lot of play in the bowl, where it moves back and forth, the clips get way out of the position. It may be challenging, but you will have to get them back into the proper places.

Once all of the screws have been tightened, fold the cardboard and begin to wedge them in-between the sides of the sink cabinetry and the sink. Place the pieces of cardboard all the way around the sides of the unit. You want them to be snug enough to hold the sink in position so that it will never again be able to move.

Now, I listed “screws” as an optional item. If you would like to place screws underneath the cardboard or through it to hold it into position you can do son. This is not a necessary step, but will aid in holding the pieces in place.

Prior to doing all of the above steps it should go without saying that you need to clean the rim area where the sink meets the granite countertop. So not scrap off the caulking though. If you attempt to do this it could create additional problems. Just use a water mixture with Clorox. Wipe off the stainless steel and the granite really well with the solution.

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