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What Makes a Kitchen Design Look Ugly

March 16th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I know what makes good cupboards not attractive in the kitchen. A great design can suddenly look ugly if caution is not used with the surrounding elements of the kitchen. I am going to discuss a few things that I have noticed that can really make a nice set of cupboards look awful. Please bear in mind that these are only my opinions, but at the same time know that I have over twenty seven years experience in the cabinet industry.

Here’s The List

1)Too many clashing patterns-Have you seen the kitchen designs where checkered tiles are on the floor, flowers are on the walls and the cupboards are three different colors. Well, I don;t thing there’s anything attractive about this style of kitchen design.

2) Pegboards In the kitchen-Nope, this is not something that I ever recommend. Pegboards in the kitchen cabinet design get cluttered with all of the life’s things that we already did or have forgotten about. They look tacky in the kitchen.

3) Chalkboards- A small one is OK if you have kids, but anything more than that is an eye sore.

4) Bright colored cabinets-
WE are seeing the most astonishing cabine65t designs these days. Reds, blues, yellow and purple cabinets do not mix, unless of course you want your home to look like a child’s playroom.

5) Large amounts of busy patterns-
Some wall papers and tiles have small yet very busy patterns in them. The kind I am talking about are the ones that make you feel dizzy when you star at them. Always ask for a larger sample of any patter that looks like it will cause this type of visual reaction.

6) Avoid too many different colored woods-
If you add a lot of types or colorations of wood in kitchen cabinet design it will look ugly.

7) White with wood with stainless steal mixed with vertical lines and red moldings. Ahh…just keep things simple and don’t add too many varying lines colors and wood tones. Kitchen cabinets look best when things are uniform throughout.
Very busy wall mosaic-Not an attractive sight for anyone to look at even if your cabinets are “plain Jane.”

8) Too many open shelf cabinets-
This really can make a kitchen look ugly and over cluttered. Only use open shelf cupboards as an accent to the look of your cabinetry.

9) Pots and Pans hanging everywhere-
Why in the world do people hang pots and pans all over the walls of their kitchens? There is nothing attractive about wall hung greasy looking cooking tools.

There are many other things that I consider to ugly in kitchen cabinet designs. Please remember that these are not rules, but only my personal thought about what makes a kitchen look ugly. Take what you like and please leave the rest. What I may think does not look good you may have a totally different idea. Just remember to always consider the resale value of anything that you are decorating.

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