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Kitchen Cabinet Puck Light Installation Instructions

This video gives details for adding kitchen cabinet under cabinet lighting. These puck light installation instructions are very detailed and provided from Lowe’s. These low voltage lights can add a great deal of character to your cupboards appearance. They are reasonably priced, functional and can add a designer touch to your cupboards.

There are many different kits available with different colored lights and quantities. Many of the low voltage light sets come with a power transformer and a dimmer switch. Don’t be alarmed by those terms, the install is as easy as drilling a few holes and simply connecting a few wires. You will only need to know advanced electrician methods if you plan on hard wiring the under cabinet lights.

This video demonstration has the power supply that plugs into your existing outlet. There is now hard-wiring involved.

If your cupboards do not have a light rail to hide the new lights you can either recess them or install under cabinet light rail molding.

Tools Needed

Phillips Screwdriver
Flat-head Screwdriver
Drill With Bits
Safety Glasses
Hole Saw (only if recessing the lights)
Tape Measure

Installation Instructions For Low Voltage Puck Lights

Space the fixtures no less than twelve inches apart for each other. Plan on installing them close to the front of the cabinet. This will allow plenty of light to shine onto the countetop.

Plan where to route the wires. You will want to conceal them and locate a place to hide or conceal the power supply. Putting the power converter behind the refrigerator is an ideal location. In some instances the wires can be ran between the cabinets in void areas. You will be drilling holes and running wires through the cabinets.

Once your plan is complete, mark the locations of where the puck lights will be installed.

Remove the cover from the under cabinet light housing. Hold the light into position with the wire facing the back area of the cupboard. Then secure the housing assembly using your electric drill and screws.

If you are recessing the lights, drill the correct sized hole with a hole-saw. Be extremely careful to not blow out the finish on the bottom of the cupboard or the inside of the cabinet when drilling with the hole saw.

Use the clips provide with the kit to mount the wires to the under side of the cabinets. Place excess wiring inside of the cabinets or in the void areas.

Connecting the kitchen cabinet puck light wires is easy. Just slip them into position.

Your dimmer switch should have a peal and stick type application.

Plug in the lights to see if they are working properly. If not, check all connections to make sure they are secured tightly.

Once all of the puck lights are shinning perfectly, place the lens covers over the fixture’s housings.

Once you finish the puck light installation, clean up the area and enjoy the new design of your kitchen cabinets. This is a great way yo enhance your kitchen’s features and add a bit of customization to your cabinetry design. .

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  1. Jim Carpenter
    July 12th, 2010 at 07:29 | #1

    This is a great video. I just installed a kitchen cabinet using a Kitchen Cabinet Kit sold by KitchenCabinetDepot. After watching the video, I am going to install lights underneath my cabinets.

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