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Installation Instructions: Claridge Sliding Glass Door Display Cabinet

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Transcription: The following is the content extracted from the video below on how to install Sliding Glass door cabinet.

We’re installing a Claridge wall mounted display case with sliding glass doors. The first thing you want to do is determine the product’s location. After that, measure down two and an eighth inches from the top of the unit striking a horizontal level line.

When placing your hangers (optional: Best Screws For Installing Cabinets), make sure that you place the screws through that go through the hole on the line that you’ve made. Now hang the unit up on the hangers. Once the unit is hung on the hangers, what you will want to do is make a mark three inches in from the end and every two feet. This is for the clips. Take the unit back off the wall. Put the hanger on top of the line drilling in the middle of the clip. This will allow for adjustment on the clip whenever hanging a unit.

Now hang the unit on top of the hangers, on top, sliding down. Then with the provided fasteners, run screws up through the bottom angle clips into the bottom of the unit.

Now we’re going to show how to assemble and install the sliding glass doors. Place the glazing over the edge of the glass to determine which is the top and which is the bottom of your glass door. There’s a logo and we usually put that at the bottom.

Now your shoe has two different channels in it. It has a short and a long leg. You want the short leg going over the glass. Use a mallet or some type to tap the trim onto the glass.

Now you want to place the nylon rollers into the grooves. Set them in roughly an inch from the end and use the mallet again. Just let them flush. Turn your door over and then install the vinyl glides roughly an inch from the end.

So now we’re going to install the tracks into the units, placing the tracks in the back. Now taking the glass with the finger pull facing you, take the door starting in the back track, sliding up into the back across the front and dropping down.

Now we will install the second door. As before, putting the vinyl glazing on; placing the shoe over the glass with the small side facing the glass; inserting the rollers, placing the vinyl glides. As before, finger pull facing out. Raise in to the track. Swing in.

Now for installing the lock on the unit, what you need to do is push the doors together on one side, taking the striker bar, fitting it over the back door with the small leg facing into the unit; closing the other door and take the ratchet assembly. Slide it over the striker bar. Now your new unit is locked and ready for use.

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