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How to Cut Formica to Fit Curved Walls

If you are gluing laminate along walls that are not straight this is normal. You must take the time to cut the plastic laminate Formica to fit the inconsistencies of the curves on the walls. It is a very rare case for the drywall to be straight. Make sure to allot plenty of time to do the job correctly. NO RUSH JOBS ALLOWED HERE!

The method taught in this video for scribing a plastic laminate countertop backsplash cap to fit tightly to the walls can be used for every area of kitchen or bathroom vanity cupboard lamination work.

What I mean is, if your vanity or kitchen cabinet side has a void area where the mica meets the wall, when you are resurfacing, just use the same method to make it fit to the crooked wall. The same applies to floors that are not level and walls that are not plumb.

Tools Needed

Tin Snips for Cutting Formica
A pencil

Steps for Making Laminate Fit a Curved Area of the Wall

Mica Must be Oversize
Assuming that you already have your plastic laminate pieces pre-cut a little larger than the area you will be gluing them to, hold the Formica in place, tight to the wall. Check to make sure that you have plenty of area overhanging the cabinet or counter top part you will be gluing to.
Drawing the Cut Line
Place your pencil into position at one extreme end of the mica. Begin pulling or pushing the pencil so that it marks on the Formica while you keep it tight to the wall. As you are drawing on the plastic it will be tracing the perfect shape of the cures, dips and humps of the wall onto the Formica.

Make the Cut
Cut the line remembering that the left side of the cut is going to be the clean edge that you want to save. Please take your time and make the cuts as accurately as possible. If you don’t, you will have to do it again.

Double Check the Fit

Check the piece of cabinet or counter top mica to see how well it fits. If you have to repeat the scribing process again, do so until you have an acceptable gap that can be caulked.

If you are working with white walls then use white caulking. If the walls you are working with are a strange paint color and the Formica brand laminate is an odd color as well, get colored countertop or cabinet caulking.

Here’s the most important tip I can give you in relation to accomplishing professional results, take your time. DO NOT BE IN A HURRY. Professional Formica resurfacing installers understand the importance of not getting in a hurry. This is tedious work that requires a level of skill that will yield outstanding results. If you are not up for the task, hire a cabinet maker who is.

Large gaps filled with caulking are not acceptable. Every piece of cabinet or countertop plastic laminate must be fit to the contours of the walls before they get glued into position using cabinet contact adhesive. Cutting Formica just right takes patience, don’t be in a hurry. You must take the time necessary to fit the Formica to all of the various curved wall areas you encounter during the installation process.

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