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Countertop Laminate Installation Tools

The tools in this video are needed when doing countertop plastic laminate work. Prior to starting the lamination process the surface must be free from all dirt or grease build-up if you are recovering existing surfaces.

You are going to need to learn as much as possible prior to starting your countertop project. There are many tips that can be found on our website and online that will help you achieve success with your counter Formica lamination project. We have provide a few excerpts of articles at the bottom of the page to help you learn more about Formica work.

Tools and Materials Needed for Covering Counters with Laminate:

Contact Adhesive
Shop Vacuum if Resurfacing the Counters
Belt Sander
Tin Snips
Paint Roller
Lacquer Thinner
Paper Cutter
Laminate Slitter
Putty Knife
Straight Edge
Paint Pan
Block Sander
Fifty Grit Sand Paper
Tarp or Drop Cloth if Recovering Existing Tops
Paint Brush

There are a few other things that you will need that were not mentioned in the video such as contact glue cleaner and something to apply the adhesive with. The plastic laminate glue can be applied using a roller, brush or spray gun.

Installing Formic on old or new counter tops is a very rewarding task, once you have completed the process successfully. Just remember to take your time while working on your kitchen or bathroom vanity countertops or cabinets and things will go smoothly.

We have many articles to help:

Excerpt- Resurfacing Kitchen Countertop
Re-laminating countertops is going to be a very dusty and dirty job. If you have a shop vacuum, this will help keep the dust particles under control. Use it after every recovering operation. If you do not, you may end up with chips in the glue or on the laminate that will cause major problems.

Excerpt-How to Roll on Cabinet Contact Glue
Basically there is not a lot of difference here from applying paint with a roller to a wall. There are special roller pads that are used for putting the adhesive on smoothly. The correct pads can be purchased from Home Depot (usually with the fiberglass products) or your local cabinet supply company. You will need a paint roller pan, a roller and the pad. I always just throw the pad away once I am done. You can clean them with lacquer thinner. It’s a messy sticky job though.

If you look under our “Cabinet and Counter Resurfacing” category, you will find plenty of information that will help you learn how to use the lamination tools correctly. The installation of Formica on countertops should only be attempted after sufficient practice and study have been accomplished.

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