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How to Adjust Cabinet Door Spring Hinges

This video will demonstrate how to make  adjustments to kitchen cabinet door  spring loaded hinges. Crooked,  out of adjustment, kitchen or bathroom cupboard doors with Y-5 or Y-6 hinges are easy to fix. The alignment problem can be corrected in a few simple steps. All you need is a screw driver, a drill, and a small drill bit to get the doors so they don’t hit one another. This tutorial is for the style that is grooved into the edge of the doors and held in place by four screws.

Adjusting Spring Loaded Style Cabinet Hinges

  1. Examine the alignment of the doors closely to determine which way the hinges need to be adjusted to make the proper corrections.
  2. Remove the set screw in the hole on the hinge plate that is not oblong.
  3. Loosen the adjusting screw just a little bit.
  4. Tap the corner of the door that needs to move.
  5. Re-tighten the set screw.
  6. Check the alignment of the doors.
  7. Re-adjust the cabinet door spring hinge until the doors are in perfectly straight.

If you need to do a final bump with your hand or a rubber mallet to get the doors to move ever so slightly, this is an acceptable way of adjusting the kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors. However, DO NOT over use this technique by applying great force. If you do over exert pressure,  the hinges could get broken and have to be completely replaced.

The Y-5 or Y-6 style cupboard door hinges can be purchase at any local cabinet supply company or through online suppliers.

Y-5 or Y-6 spring loaded cupboard hinges are not used on kitchen cabinetry as much as they used to be. Many older homes have these type of spring hinges installed.
As the emergence of the concealed cabinet door hinges steady increased the spring loaded kind of hinge that had a groove on the edge of the door began to become less popular.

If you you have other style hinges refer to our other article on how to adjust cabinet doors.

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