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Vinyl Wrapped Cabinet Doors Care

Vinyl wrap, or MDF kitchen cabinet doors need special care. Protecting your cupboard doors from heat damage is important. Avoid expensive cabinet repairs by following these tips.

How to protect your Thermofoil doors from heat damage:

When self cleaning your oven, if your kitchen cabinet base doors swing away from the range, open the doors. This will create a much larger distance between the vinyl wrapped doors and the intense heat.

If your cabinet door opens toward the oven, you should remove the door by taking out the screws that hold it onto the cupboard.

Always pull the drawers out until they are fully extended. Here again you are creating more distance from the escaping heat associated with the self cleaning operation of the oven.

The proper care for upper cabinet Vinyl Wrapped doors is to always be mindful of various heat sources. Don’t put deep fryers, toaster ovens or large coffee pots directly underneath your kitchen cabinet upper doors.

By following these simple guidelines, for caring for MDF doors, you will prolong the life of your cupboards. Once a vinyl wrapped door gets too much heat on it, you will not be able to repair the damage. The only option will be to fully replace the kitchen doors. In such cases you may run into various problems such as not being able to locate the correct manufacturer to order the replacement MDF doors from.

Another common problem is that even though the correct door manufacture is located, the vinyl has discolored and the replacement MDF cabinet doors don’t match the existing ones.

Apply these tips on how to take care of your kitchen cabinet doors and you will have a much better chance of enjoying your vinyl wrap kitchen cupboard doors for a long time.

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