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Easy Method for Drawing Cabinet Layouts

This hand drawing pad company, Accu-line has developed an easy way to draw kitchen and bathroom cabinet layouts fast. The drafting system is not limited to cupboard and countertop design applications. Appraisers, architects, contractors and many different home improvement trades can benefit from using this hand  drafting pad.

There are several options that you can choose from to suit your cabinet shop business or hobby needs. The product is available in two different paper sizes, eight and a half by eleven (8-1/2 x 11)  and eleven by seventeen (11 x 17). They can be ordered with “folder” type drawing pads or with a clipboard style writing surface.  The prices range from twenty six dollars ($26) to forty six dollars ($46).

The company offers several accessories to help you draw your kitchen or bathroom cabinet designs fast and with great accuracy.

  • Optional Accessories Include:
  • Replacement pads of drawing paper.
  • Templates for drawing circles and oval sinks.
  • Compass for figuring and drawing accurate angles.

One of the great benefits to this fast and easy to use drafting pad is that it is incrementally designed like graph paper. The plastic where the ball of the pen rides has graph squares so that you can make your drawings in proportion to the actual size of the finished product. I personally found that a good measurement rule to use was one square on the drafting pad was equal to either three or six inches.  This allowed me to drawer an entire wall of kitchen cabinets in one straight line.

If you are in the business of fixing broken cabinets, like me, they work great for making quick illustrations of cabinet repair ideas for employees to fabricate cabinet parts from.

Other occupations/hobbyists that use the hand drawing pad

Space Planners
Floor Plans
Home Improvement
Kitchen and Bath

I’ve personally used this easy system for drawing kitchen or bathroom cabinet layouts and it is really a time saver. Before using the Accu-line system, I used to use graph paper and a ruler. Trust me, this little pad that cost under fifty dollars will give you an amazing, instant return on your investment.

I have yet to discover any method for hand-drawing cabinet layouts that works as easy as this accu-line system. In the past ten years of drawing with this graph pad, I have literally drawn hundreds of kitchen and bathroom cabinet layouts with great accuracy.  I have used them to create rough drafts and for the finished drawings that get submitted to the customers.

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