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Ideas for Cabinet Upgrades

Want to know how to make your existing cabinets better? There are many “do it yourself” upgrades for kitchen or bathroom vanity cabinets that are attractive and affordable. I have provided within this post many links to other articles that have more detailed information on how to make changes to your existing cabinets.

Switching Out Handles or Knobs
This is one of the fastest ways to make your kitchen more attractive. All you need is a Phillips head screw driver, the proper size screws and new hardware that matches the existing holes in the cupboard doors. It can be a bit challenging to get the correct screw lengths, but it’s an easy task to take on. Changing cabinet handles can usually be finished in one to three hours, once you have the right materials and tools in hand.

Changing the Hinges
This will be a little more involved than just exchanging old handles for new ones. With the decision to get new hinges comes a few challenges.

  • Will you be able to find the same hinge style? This is important because they will be much easier to install if the screw holes align right.
  • Adjusting cabinet hinges is a difficult task to take on. This is something that will require plenty of patience and thought to complete the adjustments successfully. Don’t rush through this step. Getting cabinet doors properly aligned is very important to the overall look of a set of kitchen cupboards.

Painting Cabinets and Doors
This is probably one of the most common upgrades to older kitchen or bathroom cabinets that people do. It’s almost like an all inclusive project at times to paint the cabinet doors, then replace the cabinet hinges and handles all at the same time.

Upgrading Existing Cabinet Doors
Installing replacement cabinet doors may be your most expensive way to make your cupboards look better. If you decide to do an entire resurface on the cabinet faces at the same time, this will be a rather expensive and messy project. Some people just paint the cupboard faces and then put new doors on. Generally, people replace the hinges and handles when they install new doors on the kitchen or bathroom cabinets when dong this upgrade. Another option is to convert existing doors into glass cabinet doors.

Adding a Wine Rack
This can be a great way to make kitchen cabinets look richer. Basically all you have to do is take a door off and have an insert built. A cabinet manufacture can build one that will slide right in and look like it was a part of the original cabinetry. You may be surprised at how reasonably priced a cabinet maker will be for making this type of upgrade to your kitchen cabinets.

There are several cabinet wine rack styles to select from. A trip to a cupboard supply company or local cabinet maker will satisfy your curiosity for what’s available.

Altering Existing Cabinet Doors
You can do a low budget remodel on kitchen cabinet doors by adding molding to the face of your existing doors. This type of cabinet upgrade will require a few finish carpentry power tools to be able to finish the job in a professional manner.

Add Under Cabinet Lights
This task requires a few hand tools an electric drill and the proper size hole saw. Watch this video that demonstrates the process of installing under cabinet puck lights in a kitchen. This is a great way to upgrade your kitchen cabinets.

Install A Few Accessories
Pull-out trash cans, roll-out shelves, pop-up blenders, drawer inserts and lazy Susan accessories all make great additions to existing kitchen cabinets. If you are upgrading bathroom cabinets, consider adding a pull-out hamper or a tall cabinet that rests on the counter.

Those are the more common ways of doing existing cabinet upgrades. How you decide to alter things will depend upon your cabinet style. There are a couple of reasonably priced Formica Cabinet Upgrades that can be done with some basic carpentry skills.

Even getting new appliances can make a huge difference in how attractive the kitchen looks.

Obviously, you should start with what the budget allows. Just be aware of how this type of remodeling project usually works. Once you install new cabinet doors, then the appliances look old and need to be upgraded. Then, after that the floor is outdated and will need to be replaced because now the cabinets and appliances look new. One thing leads to another. Before you know it the cabinet upgrade you intended on spending a thousand dollars for turns into five thousand dollars.

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