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Expandable Drawer Organizers for Kitchen Cabinets

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While searching for items on Amazon, I discovered these expandable drawer organizers that are displayed in the images to the left. The reviews for these adjustable kitchen cabinet accessories are very good. Finding the right size flatware trays as an over the counter item has always been difficult.

We used to sell many of the hard plastic inserts that cupboard manufactures custom cut to fit the interior dimensions of pull-out drawers, but these sliding scale models are great. In this article, I will review a few of these adjustable products featured in the images.

Lipper Beechwood Adjustable Cutlery Tray

This is an elegant real wood insert that expands to fit the width of your kitchen cabinet flatware drawer. There were thirty nine reviews for this product. Twenty five (25) of them gave this item five stars out of five. The dimensions are 18D x 13W(expandable to 23″) x 2-1/2H. One customer said this: “This is the nicest silverware tray I’ve owned. I’d say it is also about as nice as you can get without having one custom built into your particular drawer…” Someone else said this: “Don’t worry about storing eating utensils on the finished wood. The tray’s smooth, beechwood finish is approved safe by the FDA.”

Adjustable Drawer Insert

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Axis Expandable Kitchen Drawer
Fourteen out of twenty three customers gave this adjustable tableware drawer organizer a five star rating out of five. The size-flexible dividers come packaged in a set of two. They are three inches (3”) high and adjust from eighteen inches (18”) to twenty two (22”).

The store review says this; “From the kitchen utensil drawer to the utility room junk drawer, this set of two expandable drawer dividers will make finding the right tool or lost treasure a whole lot easier. Made of sealed natural wood with non-skid rubber pads on bottom to keep them securely in place, the two spring-loaded dividers adjust automatically to any drawer up to 21 inches deep (21”).”

The adjustable kitchen cabinet cutlery drawer dividers are held in place by the pressure the springs create. I’m thinking this may not be the best item to have with kids around. They are always in a hurry and never take the time to fix something if it falls out of place. Something like this could be more of an irritation than if you are continually having to reposition it in the drawer.

One of the not so good comments said that the modifiable drawer dividers have a tendency to slide around and not remain in their original position.

Axis Adjustable Kitchen Utensil Drawer Insert

This item is a lot like the expandable Lipper Beechwood silverware tray. It is constructed of sealed natural hardwood. The product is fourteen inches deep and adjusts from twelve to twenty inches in width. The overall height is two inches.

One review said this: “This is very good quality, looks great and functions well.”

These adaptable wood drawer organizers are very nice and certainly worth a try. Hardwood adjustable drawer inserts look more high-end than the plastic styles. Based on what I have seen and read about these expandable wood kitchen utensil drawer trays, I give them a two thumbs up. The majority of the reviews were very positive. The products look very sturdy too.

Video For Custom Built Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Organizers

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