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How To Make Beveled Edge Countertops

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How To Bulid A Beveled Edge Countertop

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Beveled edge plastic laminate countertops are made the same way as square edge tops, except, special molding is applied to the front edge to create the decorative look. We will be looking at how to make a Formica counter and then apply the beveled edge molding pieces. I will also share where you can get this molding that glues to the front edge of the tops.

What are the standard countertop depths?

Bathroom vanity tops are twenty two and one quarter inches (22-1/4″) deep over all. They are generally cut twenty two (22″) and then held off of the back wall by one quarters of an inch (1/4″).

Kitchen countertops are cut at twenty five inches (25″) deep. The overall depth after installation is twenty five and one quarters inches (25-1/4″). Here again the top gets held off the back wall one quarters of an inch.

The only time a top deck gets cut the overall size is when there is not a backsplash. Usually in cases like that they are actually made to be twenty five and a half inches (25-1/2″) deep in the kitchen and twenty two and a half inches (22-1/2″) deep in the bathroom. The extra one quarters of an inch (1/4″) is there to be scribe fitted to the wall.

Now here’s the tricky part. For beveled countertops you should add a piece of pine to the front for the beveled molding to be glued to (refer to the photo above), if your decking is particleboard. If you are building your kitchen or bathroom tops using plywood, then you do not need to add the pine. The pine gets installed to protect the particle board from getting water damaged through the seam where the beveled edge molding is glued on.

How wide should the build-up pieces be?

The front build-up piece that is fastened flat can be one and three quarters of an inch (1-3/4″) wide from the overall face of the top extending toward the back of the top (refer to the image). The back buildup piece can be one inch (1″) wide.

How high are standard countertop backsplashes made?

Your splashes should be made out of pine and the smallest size is three and one quarters of an inch (3-1/4″) in height. If you purchase one by ten (1×10) pine you should be able to get three rips out of the width.

Making Beveled Edge Coutertops

Refer to the video below for how to make the beveled edge laminate countertop. You need to also review my notes below the video. I have included special instructions on how to adhere the beveled edge molding to the countertop edge.

  1. Build the countertops by using the standards mentioned above.
  2. Laminate the deck of the tops by following the video demonstration.
  3. Cut and glue all of the beveled edge molding pieces on the top. You will need to use yellow carpenters glue. Use bar clamps to hold the molding in place until the glue dries. If you do not have enough bar clamps, use masking tape to hold the molding in place. The tape must first be applied to the underside of the top and pulled upward over the molding and then stuck to the top of the counter.
  4. Wipe off any access glue with a damp rag.
  5. Laminate the backsplash pieces and screw them to the countertop. You should always apply a bead of caulking to the bottom edge of the splash before fastening it to the top. You can refer to this article about How To Install A Loose Backsplash if it is not being secured with screws.

For additional tips refer to this article: How To Build Formica Countertops

Where can I order the beveled edge molding for my Formica plastic laminate countertops?

The best place to start is by checking to see if you have a cabinet materials supply company in your area. Because beveled edge countertops are such a popular item, a local cabinet shop or supply company should be able to get the decorative countertop edges in whatever color you desire. You should allow at least six weeks for delivery.

For more information on how to make a beveled edge countertop, refer to the Kuehn Bevel Website. They have beveled edge installation instructions and a listing of all of their distributors where you can get their moldings from.

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