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Getting Cabinets-Home Depot or Lowe’s

June 3rd, 2009 23 comments

From an installers view, getting kitchen cabinets from Home Depot can be frustrating because of the way they are manufactured. Lowe’s cabinets seem to have some of the same issues that accompany purchasing ready made kitchens from super home centers.

From twenty seven years of experience in manufacturing custom European cupboards, I’m going to offer my opinion concerning some of the materials and fabrication methods used in these prefabricated bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinets. Even though the kind of cabinets you find at Lowe’s might not be the sort of thing that you would treasure forever or take out an insurance policy for at, you’re sure to want to know what you’re getting. Take a look below to find out exactly what you can expect to get when purchasing these cabinets.

From twenty seven years of experience in manufacturing custom European cupboards, I’m going to offer my opinion concerning some of the materials and fabrication methods used in these prefabricated bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinets.
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Colored Cabinet Screw Covers (caps)

May 26th, 2009 No comments

When cabinets get installed professionally, oftentimes colored screw caps are used. The covers are available in several different styles, wood grain patterns and shapes. Peel and stick screw head caps are the most popular. Other styles generally come in two parts. One slips on to the screws shank like a washer and the other piece then snaps (snap-caps) into place by interlocking with the part that slid onto the screw. Another application is accomplished by inserting the small round plastic piece into the square drive or Phillips head hole, then you tap it with a hammer.

How to make custom colored screw covers

On several occasions I have had my back against the wall because I needed custom colored screw caps quickly. One day at the cabinet supply store, I discovered a really neat idea. The clerk behind the counter suggested that I purchase some white covers and then paint them to the color that I needed since they did not have the shade in stock. Bling, a light bulb came on inside my head.

The two companies that have the largest selections of screw cap covers for professional cabinet makers are Pro Deck Products and Fast Cap. If your paying good money for your high-in cabinets, make sure that the installers will be using some sort of covers over the screw heads. It doesn’t take long to install them and the appearance of your cabinets will look better. read Colored Cabinet Screw Covers

Fast Drying Miter Joint Bonding Glue

May 25th, 2009 No comments

Wood workers, there is a strong glue that is fast drying which comes in two parts for use with miters. A couple of drops will bond miter joints in place and eliminate the need for staples. It’s called 2p-10 and it comes in a two part system, the thick clear adhesive and a spray on activator. In literally seconds the product will hold two pieces of wood together, making assembling small molding strips of wood exceptionally easy.

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How to Save Money on Cabinet Pulls

May 9th, 2009 2 comments

Here’s the “how to,” just follow my lead and save a significant amount of money when buying cabinet pulls.

If you’re in a fairly large city the best suggestion I can make for you is to find a cabinet supply company that is in your area.

Do some shopping around there. There’s really good chance that the handle prices will be retail. Find the one you like and get all of the item identification numbers that they use in the ordering system of the supply house. Record brand names and manufacturing item numbers it they are available.

Don’t bother trying to get a better price from Home Depot or any other hardware stores.

Find a local cabinet manufacturing company and see if they will order them for you at a whole price from the cabinet supply company that you found them at. Usually the cabinet manufactures prices will be cheaper. Just tell them that you’re looking to save a few dollars by ordering the cabinet pulls from their company.

Imagination Cabinet Supply Company In Sarasota

January 22nd, 2009 2 comments

Having been in the cabinetry business for thirty years in the Sarasota Florida area, I have several good things to say about the Imagination & Company cabinetry hardware supply. By providing knobs, handles, European hinges, drawer slides, plastic laminate and a large selection cabinet making materials, this business has become a regular place for local cabinet makers to obtain materials for fabricating Formica and real wood cabinetry. Through their store, which is located on Cattlemen road, everything that is need to fabricate bathroom vanities, laundry rooms, office furniture, wall units and many other types of cabinetry is available for pick-up or delivery. read article about Imagination & Company Cabinet Supply In Sarasota