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Top Junk Drawer Ideas-Pitch That Sucker

The title’s a bit hokey but has a lot of meaning. This junk drawer video, giving organization ideas, will have you pitching the overloads of stuff. Do you have a sloppy, messy storage pullout in your kitchen or bedroom that needs to be rearranged ? I’m sure you’re not alone. I have at least one in every room. I’m a single man, so I can get away with it. This video will compel you to go to your nearest Wal-Mart and get some cabinet drawer organizers. Actually, if there’s a dollar store near by that may be your best option for rearranging your drawers at an affordable price. Catch a new idea by watchig this clip.
Video Credit: Get It Together Organizing

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Ideas for Organizing a Junk Drawer

Here are a few quick ideas for organizing that messy junk storage area that we refer to as your cabinet drawer. Mine are just short of needing a big stick of dynamite activated inside them. Follow these steps for cleaning and getting a drawer organized neatly and affordably.

1) Remove all of the items that are in your junk drawer and either place them on the counter, floor, bed or living room sofa, depending upon which room your in.
2) Group all like items together. Sort knifes with knifes and artwork tools into the art supply pile.
3) Go through each item and really think about if you will ever really need it again. Yep, now pitch that sucker in the trash. Eliminate all duplicate items.
4) Measure the inside of your drawer’s width, length and height. Write the dimensions down on paper.
5) Take a trip to Wal-Mart, The Dollar Tree, Walgreen’s or Target and get some small organizing baskets. You can get cutlery inserts for your kitchen drawers. Now, get busy and organize that junk drawer. Don’t forget or list with the measurements on it.
6) Tell your husband or wife to take you out for dinner afterward.

So, that’s the most economical or cheap way to organize a junk drawer. The only better ideas I could come up with for organizing were to throw it all away and start from scratch. It’s going to be tough to part with many things but we must loose the mind set that we may need it twenty years from now. If it’s not a regular household item that gets used within a year’s time, pitch that sucker. You get the idea now?

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