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Does The Cabinet Hood Vent Usually Get a Cover

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If your cabinet installer did not put a hood vent cover over the duct work then you need to inform the company you purchased the kitchen cabinets from. It is not acceptable for the raw metal duct work to be exposed inside of the upper cupboard over the range. It is tacky looking and poor craftsmanship. There are no excuses either for any company doing such a poor job.

Do not tolerate mediocre cabinet installation or fabrication. Make the company supply and install a hood vent cover for the inside of your cabinets. I don’t care if they do tell you that they never cover them, they are supposed to. Just because it is a small item that is located high above your head doesn’t mean that the exposed vent should be tolerated.

How The Hood Vent Cover Box is Made
It’s not a big deal to manufacture one. All that is required is three pieces of wood. There are two sides and a front. The box is generally about fifteen inches wide and eleven and a half inches deep. It should be assembled in one unit and then slid into place.

Some cabinet companies manufacture three separate pieces of wood and then assemble them on the job. The reason for this is because they will attach cleats on the sides to be screwed to the back of the cupboard so that the hood vent box won’t move. This is not really a necessary way of installing. We have always gone with the notion that it is a lot easier to just slide the box inside of the hood upper cabinet that is already made.

Make the cabinet company install a hood vent box over the range that will cover over duct pipe, period, end of story!

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