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Installing Vent in Computer Electronics Cabinet

If you would like to cut a vent in the side of a cabinet to allow for ventallation its rather easy to do. Oftentimes people want to have computer printers and even computer towers stored behind the doors of their office cabinetry. In entertainment units sometimes it’s necessary to make sure that the electronics equipment has plenty of ventillation. All you need is to purchase a vent from a hardware supply company such as Home Deopot. They sell them in various sizes and colors, with white being the most popular of their inventory.

The hole that needs to be cut can be made using a skill saw or saber saw.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Purchase a vent hole cover. If you can find one that only fits on the outside of the cabinet this will be the easiest to work with.
  2. Deside where the least likely place would be where the vent hole in the side of the cabinet will not be able to be see.
  3. Using a tape measure, mark the side of the cabinet with a couple of small pencil marks where the edge of the vent should be.
  4. Place the vent on the cabinet in the area where it will be installed and trace around the vent. 
  5. Measure the proper distance in and mark a second line. This will be the line that you will cut using a saber saw or a skill saw. Be certain that the hole you are cutting will not be noticeable once you screw the vent cover onto the electronic or computer component storage cabinet.
  6. Cut the hole.
  7. Screw the vent cover on the cabinet making certain that it is perfectly straight.

Installing this type of cover is a rather easy process that really just requires a little common sense a some basic carpentry skills. The main things when when you are cutting the vent hole is to make sure that the cut will not be noticeable when you are finished. I have installed these vents on many computer cabinets and entertainment units that needed proper ventilation and the end results have been acceptable to my customers. If at all possible try to install the vent cover some where so that it will not be an eye soar.

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