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Horrible Migraine Headaches-Working in cabinet shop there’s a remedy.

On many occasions I’ve suffered with a sinus infection which in turn caused horrible migraine headaches. I have a remedy or two that may help you if you’re seeking relief from shooting pain.

My occupation as a cabinet maker demanded that I breathe in many various types of chemicals and variations of wood species dust particles.

Working with contact glues and lacquer thinner all day may have helped cause the sinus related discomfort that sent me rushing to the Quick Care doctors offices in our city on several occasions seeking relief.

On every occasion my doctor would diagnose me with having a sinus infection, prescribe antibiotics and some pain medication. If you have ever suffered from a sinus headache you can understand why the pain pills were necessary.

On one occasion I was prescribed Imitrex by a specialist that made a diagnosis that I was not suffering from a sinus infection because I had all of the symptoms of a migraine. He said that the x-rays did not show any sign of infection. But actually by the time the nose and throat specialist could see me, I had been on antibiotics for about six weeks. At that time the Imitrex cost about five dollars a pill. I didn’t have medical insurance so I canned the whole idea. The headaches had stopped anyway because the infection was gone. To this day I feel like the migraines were caused from an infection.

How to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection Headaches Quick

I’m not really sure if there is a quick way to get rid of these annoying shots of pain once they start, but I will offer many of the things that I have found to be very helpful during my twenty years of working in a cabinet shop and battling these sinus headaches periodically.

  • Get to the Doctor Quickly– This is the best advice that my physician ever gave me, as soon as you begin to feel the evidence of a sinus infection that causes a migraine headache, get into the doctor’s office. It was explained to me that because there is very little blood flow in this area, it is difficult for the antibiotics to penetrate into the infected area. So, the sooner you get into the doctor’s place the faster the cure for the infected area will begin to work.
  • Begin to Wear a Mask-This is something that many cabinet makers ignore. As soon as I would begin to feel that familiar pain start shooting in my head, I would make sure that I put on a dust mask.
  • Use Sinus Rinse-This is actually an amazing product that has helped me very much. At the first inkling of pain, I use the sinus rinse treatment; oftentimes it would result in getting quick migraine headaches relief.
  • Hot Compress-By using a hot compress over my forehead directly on the area where the headache was this helped relieve the pain.
  • Hot Shower-Taking a hot shower and letting the water blast on the area where the migraine was causing the pain will bring momentary relief.

The doctors have never really been able to pin down exactly what the cause of my problem has been. One thing that every doctor has said, who has analyzed my symptoms, is that the migraine or sinus infection is related to working in a cabinet shop. It was suggested several times that I had allergies, but whenever I would take “over the counter” medications, like Benadryl, it never helped. The most effective remedy has been taking antibiotics. The sinus rinse has helped bring relief many times if I catch the troubling headache soon enough. Cabinet shops are filled with all sorts of materials that can create difficulties with our sinuses. The best remedy is to wear a dust mask at all times.

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