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How to Make Short Uppers Work in Kitchens

Depending upon the height of the ceiling in your kitchen you may need to make a few adjustments to make short upper cabinets work. The distance between the countertop and the bottom of the wall cabinetry is generally around eighteen inches. So what should you do when there is more room here than there should be?

Ideas-How to Make Small Wall Cabinets Work With Tall Ceilings

1) Add Another Cabinet-Depending upon how short they are you could add a second row of short cabinets over the standard sized ones.
2) Crow Molding-Various styles can be combined to fill in differing amounts of space above the uppers.
3) Add Light Rail-These can be referred to as a lighting valance or rail. It’s basically a piece of molding that goes along the bottom of the wall cabinets. The standard size generally starts at about one and three quarters of an inch in height. This section can be built up with various moldings too in order to get the dimension closer to eighteen inches clear fr0om the counter to the bottom of the wall cabinet.

Those are really about all of the options that you will have if your upper cabinets are too short for the height ceilings that you have in your kitchen. Any of the three suggestions will work. Oftentimes when you are purchasing production type cabinetry from places like Home Depot or Lowe’s they will use a collection of various moldings to make the design heights be correct for you kitchen upper cabinetry.

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