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Five Different Wine Rack Styles-Designing Kitchens

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A quick breeze through a cupboard catalog will offer different combinations of wine rack designs. Various styles are selected while designing kitchens. Oftentimes the decision is made in relation to the available space and the amount of wine bottles that will need to be displayed.

Over the Refrigerator- After the cupboards are in where can you install a wine rack? There are several places where they will work out well. One of the main places that I have placed them is over the refrigerator. This is largely due to people getting new a refrigerator and the door style of their existing cabinetry is hard to match. In such instances or situations, a wine rack can be the perfect remedy to the problem.

Under The Counter-I the base cabinet is a great place for putting one of these special wine holders. One word of caution though,you should always make sure that the bottles are set back far enough so that there is no danger of them getting broken by normal traffic in the kitchen area. How far should the wine racks be installed from the front of the base cabinet?The racks should be installed at least four inches back from the face of the cupboards. This increment should be used for all styles of wine storage that go in base cabinetry.

On Top of the Counter-
These storage system styles can be purchased from many major department stores. No special installation instructions are necessary. Just place them on the kitchen or bar area countertop and load them up with your favorite wines. The best thing about this kind of addition to the kitchen is one can be placed just about anywhere and look good. Even on the kitchen table this design has an attractive look.

Diagonal or Diamond Shaped Racks-
We see these installed in upper, base and even tall cupboards depending upon the demand for wind storage in the kitchen area. These are usually pre-made parts that cabinet manufactures purchase and then paint or stain to match the coloration of the cabinets. They are generally available in pre-painted white, natural oak, maple, and cherry woods.

Metal Decorative Racks-
There are a variety of metal racks that can be installed inside of open cabinets. If you have an additional cabinet that has a door on it where you can sacrifice the space for wine storage, it’s possible to remove the door and install one of these metal racks. They generally are held in place with just a few screws.

Book Shelf Style Wine Rack-I guess we could call these ladder style wine storage areas for the kitchen. Basically, they just look like a very shallow open book case that holds wine bottles instead of books. They can be designed to rest on top of the counter top or extend all the way to the floor.

I’ve been designing kitchens for many years. Most people don’t really need to have a wine storage area because they like to drink a lot. Many customers just tell me that they like the way that the wine storage areas look. If the customers have plenty of space, adding a storage rack to the kitchen cabinet layout is always a consideration when we are designing the cabinetry.

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