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Mixing Different Cabinet Styles/Colors in the Kitchen

March 23rd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m seeing this new design trend where designers are mixing different or various styles and colors of cabinets in one area. Particularly in the kitchen. In some cases, I think that this looks good, but in others I wonder sometimes what planet these folks came from. It’s almost like we are pushing ideas to the extreme of being very ugly at times.

Just the other day I wrote an article about using coloring book ideas in kitchen cupboard design. Let’s face it, red, green and blue just do not look good when they are mixed together as individual cabinet sections in the kitchen.

Perhaps these drastic colors differences in one area provide the homeowners with something to talk about when their guests come over. I think that mixing up so many colors will give our guest something to talk about with their friends when they leave the home. In actual fact, their conversations will probably not be positive ones.

Well, that’s just my opinion. Anyone who has the audacity to use bright green cupboards mixed with yellow and red in the kitchen obviously doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Most people who do these type designs have enough money to burn for weeks and still be able to remodel their kitchen cabinetry a thousand times over.

All I am saying is that before you decide to try mixing up a few different cabinet styles consider the long term effect of your decision How will your kitchen cabinet set match up-to future designs ten years from now. If we look back ten years or even twenty, the kitchen cabinet designs that have held their positions well in the industry have been made out of neutral colors. Flat Formica doors and raised panel styles have proven to be peoples favorites throughout time.

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