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Coloring Book Cabinet Styles in Red Green Blue or Orange

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In kitchen designs, cupboards are looking like something from a coloring book. Before selecting the “in” cabinet styles with colorations of red, purple, green, yellow, orange or blue, think ten years down the road. Actually, take a moment to look backward ten to twenty years. The fads fade quickly, but some kitchen cabinet designs hold their elegant position through the ages.

Let’s take a look at a few of the good old standby styles that remain throughout the test of time. In this group we will find the neutral colors of white, off-white and almond. Although, presently the almond colored cabinets are dated to the nineteen seventies era, the kitchen cabinet door styles that have the raised panel designs look great in this color.

You can never go wrong when you choose lighter colored cupboards. When we select them, we can then accent brilliant colors of red, blue and green in the curtains, blinds, light fixtures, paper-towel holders and things like canisters on the counter-top.

Many people who have gobs of money will just purchase what they really like in a given moment because they know that years down the road their money will not be sparse. Not everyone has the luxury of remodeling things whenever they feel like it or decide they do not like their colored kitchen cabinets.

The coloring book kitchen cabinet styles we are encountering today will be laughed at ten to twenty years from now. It’s a fact that this will happen because history always repeats itself. If you think back to the nineteen sixties, during the nineteen eighties we began to laugh at the avocado greens and burnt-orange colors that were the popular Formica brand colors. Trust me in a few years we will be laughing at all of the bright red and blue kitchen cabinet designs that we are seeing people installing in their homes today.

All of these brightly colored cupboards are just a fad and if you war someone who does not have money to waist, think upon my words today. Not everyone will purchase a home that has lime green or tangerine orange cabinets installed in the kitchen.

Coloring book cupboards will die and the person who is wise will think resale and always purchase and install neutral solid colored cabinets in the kitchen or install a natu4ral wood tone. Styles in red, blue green and orange will pass away. It will be much easier and less expensive to trow away a napkin holder that is red or a canister set which is green than to tear out an entire kitchen set of cupboards that are in a brilliant color. Even if you are thinking that you will just paint over them if you get tired of the look that will be a very expensive process. That’s an entirely different topic all together. Take my advice and stay away from coloring book style cabinetry.

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