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Installing Tall Kitchen Pantry Cabinet-Floor to Ceiling Installation

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There are many various methods that professional installers use to fit and fasten tall kitchen cabinets that extend from the floor to the ceiling to the surrounding walls. In many of today’s popular bathroom vanity cabinetry designs, it’s common for cupboards that extend the entire height of the bathroom to be at either end of a wall with drawer stacks and a make-up area or knee space in the center. Many bedroom closet designs may have them as well.

To install these large cabinets correctly, the toe base will need to be an entirely separate piece if they are supposed to fit tight to the floor and the ceiling. Proper cupboard designs will be manufactured this way. Most of the standard pantry cabinetry heights are eighty four inches high. This is generally the height of a standard ceiling or soffit. When the toe is separate from the box there is just enough room to stand the tall cabinet on end and maneuver it through a door opening in tight spaces. The toe base height should be around 4-1/2” and the tall cabinet will be in the neighborhood of seventy nine inches. This will allow a half inch void so that you can get the pantry cupboard up on the toe base without destroying the ceiling above.

Once the tall cabinet is set on the base , you can either have someone lift the cupboard up to the ceiling or soffit as you place shims between the toe base and the bottom of the pantry type cabinetry.

Prior to doing this you should locate the wall studs using a stud finder or by tapping on the wall and then drilling holes to locate the place where you need to screw the kitchen pantry to the wall.

It is also necessary to mark a plumb line on the wall where the side of the cupboard should end. Never install a floor to ceiling pantry cupboard out of level. Always check and double-check it with your level as you are setting it into position to be fastened to the wall.

Once the shims are in place, screw the tall storage cabinet to the wall.

Another option is to leave the void at the top of the cabinet (between the ceiling) and install a cabinet starter strip or decorative molding piece.

When you are handling and installing these tall pantry type cabinets, either in the kitchen or bathroom vanity area, it’s always best to have someone helping. This will help ensure that there will be no damage that occurs to the door casings, walls, floors or ceiling areas as you are maneuvering the tall pantry cupboards into place.

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