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Fitting New Kitchen Cabinets in Old Tile Floor Areas

Is it possible to fit new store bought cabinets into existing tile floor areas? Yes! We do this sort of thing when remodeling kitchens all the time. The thing is, you cannot change the layout of things too much. It also takes a little creativity on the installers part to make everything fit nicely.

Some areas he will need to cut the boxes to fit on top of the tile and in other areas they can drop behind and extend to the original floor underneath. As an alternative, it is possible to install the boxes on-top of the old flooring. In either case, taking precise field measurements will be the most important part of the project.

When we get cabinets from Home Depot, as replacements for custom made kitchens, there are a few things that we do prior to ordering the boxes.

What’s the depth of the toe base area?
This is one of the most critical things that you are going to have to make work. The new cupboards are going to need to slip right inside of where the old cabinets used to be. To ensure that you hit the mark with the new boxes, you will have to get on your knees and measure the width (from left to right) of the toe bases. Don’t just measure the size of the cabinets up high because sometimes toe kicks are a different width.

Compare cabinet heights around the pass through windows.
If you are remodeling a kitchen area where there is a pass-through countertop, it will be a good idea to ensure that the cupboards are the same height as the existing ones. If you are ordering a new kitchen countertop, you will need to take into consideration the thickness of the top to make sure that everything will work fine around the pass-through. This is very important if you have a sliding glass window in this area.

Do you need to be concerned with the depth?
The depth of the base cabinet toes can usually be worked with. If the new cabinets you get from Home Depot or a different home center are a little deeper at the base, you can notch them back a little with a jig saw. This is only possible if the cabinets are made with the toe kick plate sent loose. If it is already attached to the cupboards, you should select a different style to work with if they will not fit in the space properly.

What about tall pantry style cupboards?
This is where things can get a little tricky. If you have an open area above the cabinets you will have no problem installing the tall cabinet. If you are installing the new pantry to fit between the tile floor and a soffit, you may have to cut off the base of the cabinet in order to get it into position. Once you have it positioned correctly, use shims to raise it up to the proper height. The top scribe or cabinet starter strip should be installed after the pantry is fastened to the wall. You are going to have to use your brain to work out the details on this cabinet install.

When trying to fit new cabinets into the existing tile floor spaces, an expert level of skill both in measuring and installing is required. Like I said, we do this sort of thing all of the time, but we are professional cabinet installers and designers. We know what to look for and how to make things work out. In situations where you are fitting new things into old ares, it’s best to hire professionals to get things done right.

  1. PAM
    August 18th, 2010 at 20:24 | #1

    AROUND FROM THE CABINET COMPANY AND UNFORTUNATELY FOUND OUT AFTER THE GRANITE WAS CUT THAT THE 45 DEGREE ANGLED SINK BASE IS NOT CENTERED TO THE KITCHEN WINDOW. i HAVE A LONG LIGHT AND A 14″ HIGH FAUCET THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE CENTERED TO THE WINDOW. tHE GRANITE INSTALLERS ARE real pros and do not want to offset the sink cutout to remedy the cabinet peoples request to go left with the sink and right with the faucet….The only thing I can think of doing is move the rt. top single cabinet and stacked 6w wine rack which meets the corner and add a spacer….The Cabinet place
    where I bought the cabinets blew up because they would have to remove and replace about 5 feet of crown moulding.. My kitchen designers computer drawings were all centered.She had originally said will we can’t move the cabinets cause the granite has already been cut…..Anyone out there have an idea on whos responsible or what to do..I had to prepay in full to get them delivered.They are beautiful cabinets but their installer
    measured incorrectly on the hall run and cut the f/f cabinet too tight, the crown and posts did not line up and installed the main focal point of the kitchen off center. I am stumped and getting the run around and they have their problem solving fix it guy I call Mr. PUtty
    I’ll take care of it pulling the shots. Replacement wood just came to replace the run and lacked the burnish I paid for so he took it all away knowing the cab.rep was coming to see it along with the replacement cabinet which was beautiful but cracked and said they would order another one and returned it completely retrofitted with a multicolored bunch of cherry on front and a 45 degree cut glued all the way down the side which was a delux end and supposed to be seemless. Mr Putty then brought back the crown moulding with a deeper stain applied after sanding out the chatter marks and they want me to accept it!
    Winter is coming and I desparately need our kitchen installed correctly with matching wood…….Any Ideas? Is the designer or the installer who both work for the same company
    responsible for it not fitting correctly. I want the same quality of wood and glaze I have a dark
    kitchen and the replacement cab. that was made and sent to the place I purchased it from matched perfectly…We don’t want the crown to look piece mealed in. The kitchen was semi installed 13 mos ago and I am not sure what to do. I would appreciatew anyones input..:)

  2. admin
    August 19th, 2010 at 18:37 | #2

    Even though this article is focused on fitting new kitchen cabinets to old tile flooring areas, I will respond.

    The most obvious things are having everything documented prior to starting a cabinet Project. Drawings should be approved by having the customer signing or initialing every page. A detailed contract should always be executed as well.

    I would most certainly correspond with the cabinet supplier through email, so that everything is documented.

    Take plenty of pictures and videos of what is happening.

    Remember, good business practice says;
    “the customer is always right.”

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