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Cabinet Makers Wages-How much money do they get paid

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What’s a far price to pay someone who is working on your cabinetry? How much should employees make when working in a cabinet shop? What should I expect to pay a cabinet installer? These are the questions I will attempt to answer in the following paragraphs.

Hiring a Cabinet Maker to Work in Your Home
Depending upon the type of work you need done on your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry designs, the wages can vary. I’d say that anywhere from thirty to eighty dollars per hour is a fair price to pay for a professional cabinet man. Anything less than that and you can be sure that you will get what you pay for.  Handy men should not be used to work on cabinets! Always hire a company that specializes in cabinetry work.

Shop Laborers Wages
Ten dollars to fifteen per hour is a good rate of pay for the beginning cabinet maker to the advanced craftsman, if you are hiring them as an employee of your company. Cabinet makers’ wages are on very large sliding scale depending upon the type of work that they are doing all day. 

Obviously the men and women who are operating the dangerous equipment are at the highest level of risk for having some type of accident. These should be the highest paying jobs in the shop along with the master cabinetry craftsmen’s positions.
There is great value in an employee who has many years of experience therefore, they should be compensated well for there expertise.

How Much Cabinet Installers Should Be Paid?
There are three ways that cabinet installers get paid, by the hour, per percentage basis, and hourly. For most installers in the South West Florida area a decent wage should average out to no less than forty five dollars an hour for contract labor. Remember that these professional installers either make or break the looks of a kitchen so choose your cupboard installation man or woman very wisely.

Finding a top notch cabinet maker to fulfill your needs should be done by word of mouth, this is always the best policy. Remember that the hourly wages you may have to pay a  handy man to do the job might be much less, but the time it will take him to do the job will take two to three times longer. In the end you will have paid the same amount and received a lesser quality job and wasted more of your precious time than you needed to. How much money your cabinets are worth will also determine the rate of pay that you are willing to pay.

If you are a cabinet business owner, then you should know the value of the positions that you intend to fill with your employees.

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