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Make Fun Cabinet Shop Projects-Home Kids Pets

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Throughout the years, I have had the privilege of fabricating many fun projects with my friends and family in my cabinet shop. It all started with a coffee table, then expanded into children’s custom kitchens, play tables, custom easels, half pipes for skateboarding and even pet stations for cats. Whatever the imagination could think up, we built it sometimes with whatever we could find lying around the shop.

Children’s Custom Easel
This project was of the most fun things I ever made for my children. I initially planned to use a slat chalk board, but later decided to use gloss plastic laminate for the writing surface and dry erase markers. I made the A-framed easel out of pine and small pieces of chain to hold it firmly in place when it was opened.

Kids Play Table

I made this small children’s table out of pine and coated it with a poly urethane finish. Along with the picnic table design, I also made separate bench seats. There’s something special about a father who makes things for his daughters. This was a shop project that I designed as I built it. The girls had a blast playing with the set.

Making a Skateboarding Half Pipe
The things I get myself into…I thought this skateboard ramp project would be quick and simple. After all… I am a professional cabinet maker.

Little did I know that it had to be built strong enough to carry the weight of a hundred pound kid and also needed some galvanized bar for the wheels to rest against when the kids where at the top of the ramp. It took a couple of trips to the Home Depot for parts.

I’ll never forget the struggle that went on in my mind as I began to disassemble my bar clamps to use as parts for the half pipe. One thing led to another and we fabricated two of them, a small one and a large one about four feet high.

The Cat House
This was the tower of all towers for the cats to play on. My daughter decided one night that she and her boyfriend wanted to build a cat house. You know, one of those things that the kittens climb all over and it has different sized boxes and support beams.

Although it was late in the evening, I agreed to build one with them. We assembled old bunk bed frame parts and everything that we could muster up from the cabinet shop to build this thing with.

Three hours later we had accomplished our mission the cat houses on stilts was complete, all except for the carpet. We actually were able to make it so that it was balanced. That was a real challenge.

My daughter and her fiancee then stayed up until about five in the morning putting carpet on the thing.

There are many fun projects that can be made for the family and our homes. These are just a few of the blessings I was able to manufacture for my family in my cabinet shop. One of the custom fabrication projects that I was the most proud of was the bedroom set that I designed and built from scratch. The sky is the limit when you have cats as pets and sons and daughters to raise in an atmosphere of cabinet shop manufacturing. Me, the x-wife and kids have many memories that are related to the cabinet shop projects we did after hours.

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