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Office Cabinet Storage-Ideas for making more room

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Cut down, move, rearrange, replace and redesign your office cabinet storage areas with these ideas for making more room. It’s possible to utilize a lot more space than what you have been with your present office cabinetry design by making some changes.

There are many solutions that can be implemented even to the point of cutting down cabinets and counters on the job site to accommodate for making more room. Altering arrangements in this way can be a great money saver if you can find a cabinetry professional who can handle the project.

Underneath Counter Knee Spaces-Every office has an area where the keyboard is located. This area is a great place to add some additional cabinet storage. Most of the offices that we have made improvements to will add an open shelf cabinet underneath the countertop that rests against the back wall. This unit is usually shallow enough to not interfere with the leg room that the employee needs. It is a shallow cabinet that women often use to set their purse on or even books that they have brought to read at break-time. Make sure that you check to see if the computer chair is going to fit OK, if you decide to do this.

Open Shelves On the Wall-Adding open shelf cabinets to an office wall, over the desk, can greatly increase usable space on top of the counters. In medical offices and engineering firms we have often added open-shelf cabinets to the office designs for manuals to be placed on. Employees find these cabinetry additions to be of great value when it comes to being more organized.

Organizing Counter Top Space-Office supply companies sell plenty of gadgets, shelves, paper-clip holders, pencil racks and trays for miscellaneous items. These generally have a bit of a cheap appearance to them. Why not consider having an open cabinet built that will set on top of the countertop. The lower part should only have cabinet sides that rest on the office counter top.

Printers or Computer Equipment-These can be placed inside cabinets and the wiring can be routed through the cabinetry so that it can be plugged into the electrical outlets. Pull-out shelves can be designed so that these computer accessory machines can be serviced.

Remove a Cabinet- If you need more leg room or perhaps it’s necessary to create another knee space (or, “lap drawer area”), consider the possibility of removing some of the base cabinetry in the office. Obviously this is going to affect the looks of the floor. Most flooring companies installed the flooring after the office cupboards were installed.

Office Cabinet arrangements can be altered by a local cabinetry professional. Most firms will be able to offer storage ideas for making your office more efficient. If it is a case where you just need more room because the business is growing, then altering the cabinets can be a temporary solution until you redesign the office completely.

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