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Kitchen Cabinet Undermount TV DVD Player Installation

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Kitchen Cabinet Undermount TV DVD Player Installation

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Detailed information on how to install an under the kitchen cabinet TV is difficult to find. There’s plenty of information on different undermount TV styles that attach under cabinets. Most of the articles I found were pretty much the same.

They basically said something like this:

  1. Be careful in selecting where you will permanently install the small television and DVD player
  2. Follow the instructions (daaa)
  3. Use the template provided for drilling the holes in the proper location
  4. Fasten the mounting bracket
  5. Attach the TV and secure with the screws provided
  6. Hook up the electrical and cable
  7. Set the clock
  8. Turn on the television, radio or DVD player and enjoy

Here’s a short excerpt from a testimonial, found on Amazon, about the fifteen and a half inch (15-1/2″) RCA Under Cabinet Mounted Kitchen LCD TV/DVD 720p 60hz:

“Great small television for the kitchen. I have been looking at various choices for several weeks. My priority was good picture quality, especially viewing angle, under-counter mount with swivel and a picture larger than nine inches and smaller than nineteen inches. I really like the viewing display quality and the positioning of the angle is pretty good too. The unit is compact, plenty far off the counter and very streamline looking. I also like having the DVD, clock and radio. I have it hooked up to a cable connection.”

The price ranges vary from under a hundred dollars to well over a thousand on these small luxury items..

Here are a few popular brand names:

  • Audiovox
  • Phillips
  • RCA
  • Sony
  • Soyo
  • Coby
  • Venturer

I’m sure there will be a limited amount of tools needed for installing one:

-Electric Drill
-Drill Bits
-Allen Hex-head Wrench

What will be required for mounting a TV under a kitchen upper cabinet?

-Clearance underneath
-Electrical outlet
-Cable or Fios connection

Click here to see undermount TV brands, styles and price ranges of TV/DVD players designed for mounting under kitchen cabinets. Most of the reviews I’ve read about these undermount small TV/DVD combinations are very good.

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