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Cabinet Door Spice Shelves-Special Holders

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It’s a popular item for kitchens to have a hanger on a cabinet door for spice storage. These shelves come in many special sizes and designs. Holders are designed for pantry doors and upper wall cabinetry doors. A storage shelf for spices can be obtained in a variety of materials.

Some cabinet companies even manufacture their own shelves using aluminum dowels or wooden dowels in combination with hardwood sides and bottoms.

The most common cabinet door spice storage unit has to be the white plastic coated style. Although the chrome wire basket type shelves are common in our area as well, we’ve used many more of the white ones. The storage hangers that have the plastic coating on them are by far the nicest looking ones for white interior cabinetry.

Installing a Spice Holder on an Existing Kitchen Cabinet Door

There are two challenges to putting a spice shelf unit on a cabinet door. In some cases it may take a professional cabinet maker to install the spice hanger on the cabinet door. These two potential problem are 1) the adjustable shelves in the cabinet will need to be cut down to clear the existing storage shelves 2) An additional piece of wood will need to be glued to a “shaker” style cabinet door.

If you have existing shelves, the chances are pretty good that they are going to interfere with the operation of the spice holder in such a way as to affect the door’s closing operation. It’s a good idea to check and make sure that you have removable shelves in your kitchen upper cabinet that you want to install the spice storage shelves to. Depending upon the support system that you have holding your shelves in place, you may need to drill new holes in the sides of the cabinets when you make the shelves shallower. It is possible that you will have to move whatever shelf track that was installed to support the shelves if there were not holes drilled in the cabinet for shelf pin supports.

  • Tip: If you need to drill new holes to make the cabinet door spice holder work, be very cautious that you do not drill all the way through a finished end of the cabinet.

How do you install a spice rack on a shaker style cabinet door? This is going to take an additional piece of wood being manufactured to attach the spice unit to. Because the shaker style kitchen cabinet door only has a ¼” thick center panel, there is no way to attach the spice shelf to the door unless you make what is called a sub-panel. Here again it will be necessary to make sure that the shelves in your cabinet are adjustable and can be removed and cut down.

If you plan on building your own rack for spices to mount on the back of your kitchen cabinet door, I would only advise that you make sure your cabinet door hinges are sturdy enough to hold the additional weight. If at all possible try to find one that will work that you can purchase. The various styles of manufactured cabinet door spice shelf systems are generally manufactured to be light weight. Spice storage racks are a great addition for the kitchen. Having all of your favorite spices hanging on the backside of the cabinet door can make cooking a lot more enjoyable because of the convenience. It also eliminates the frustration of digging around inside the upper cabinet looking for the particular spice that you need.

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