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Special Decorated Kitchen Cabinets Designs

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For long periods of time manufactures have on occasions been making suggestions that home remodel enthusiasts should change up the kitchen cupboard style. The suggestions revolved around creating a solid color kitchen cabinet with complementing accents. Early on during my cupboard constructing carrier, I discovered that unique decorated edge styles on custom made tops, wall cupboard top moldings and toe bases can really add character to an array of solid white kitchen cabinetry. If customers had under cupboard lighting, this too was a likely place to get creative by constructing the valance to have a distinct look, decorated different than the cabinetry.

One of the largely fashionable designs which we catch a glimpse of in the present day, within bigger kitchens, is the application of unusual decorated accents on the island cabinets. Many island arrangements bear the outward show of fine furniture rather than flowing in unification with the kitchen cabinets. This can be a very gorgeous addition to the real wood kitchen cabinet style inside a hi-end domicile.

A special or different color can be used to add flare to the style of any bathroom. The design accents are best used on the overhead light box and the toe bases. If the countertops are built out of Formica, the homeowner now and then will construct merely the edging in an unusual color. Occasionally they backsplash will be covered with the accent as well.

Real wood designs in conjunction with plastic laminate cabinetry can add a pleasant designer affect to any common cabinet style. Some popular areas for these accented designs are the toe base, counter edge, light rail and the top decorative piece that is located between the top of the wall cabinet and the ceiling. Different colored crown molding works well also.

At this time we have been studying just using designs on edges of slight areas inside the kitchen cabinetry or else countertop designs. It is feasible to style wall cabinets in a entirely distinctive color than the base cabinetry. This idea should only be used in special cases where the room and kitchen is spacious. This adds a pleasant stroke of class if the colors stream properly with the surroundings. Several cabinet designers make merely one upper unique and all of the other cabinetry decorated with the same color.

Accepted Areas For unusual decorated cupboard and Countertop designs:

1) Wall cupboard top moldings or crown
2) Island cabinets
3) Counter top edges
4) Kick-plate toe areas
5) Lighting rail boards
6) Overhead box fixtures in vanity areas
7) Counter backsplashes
8) Cupboard hardware
9) Backsplashes in sandstone or wall tile
10) Appliance cupboard tambour doors

All of the previous mentioned designs should not be included in one kitchen at the same time. Only a few of these cabinet designs should be used as accents. Kitchens can become too busy if over decorated with too many accents.

The first kitchen that I ever decorated using a contrasting design was done as a special gift for someone. My friend had all white cabinetry and while they were away on vacation, I added real wood accents to the top molding area of the uppers, laminated the kick plate with the same, added bull-nose wood to the counter and changed all of the cabinet handles to match the real wood color accents. She loved how I decorated the cabinets with the real wood color. I have since created many other kitchen cabinet designs bay adding special accents. It’s fun to be different and to access a more creative way of developing kitchen cabinets designs.

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