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Kitchen Cabinet Color Accents

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Different Colored Island

Different Colored Island

For years fabricators have been suggesting that customers break up the kitchen cabinet design which has a solid color with accents. Early in my cabinet making carrier, I learned that different colored edges on countertops, upper cabinet top scribes and toe bases could really add character to a set of solid white kitchen cabinets. If customers had under cabinet lighting this too was a great place to get creative by making the valance have a different appearance than the cupboards.

Some cupboard arrangements having Formica cabinet doors have different color horizontal  strips added to the bottom or top of the door edges. This makes for an attractive design, especially if you’re decorating with white kitchen cabinets.

One of the most popular arrangements that we see today, in larger kitchens, is the use of different colored accents on the island cabinetry. In actual fact, many island arrangements have the appearance of fine furniture rather than blending with the kitchen cabinetry. This can be a very attractive addition to the kitchen cupboard design in a hi-end home.


Moving into the bathroom, the most common places we see a different color to add flare to the design is the overhead light box and the toe bases. If the countertops are fabricated out of Formica, the homeowner sometimes will make just the edge a different color.


Popular Areas For Different Colored Cabinet and Countertop Accents:

1) Upper cabinet top scribe

2) Island cabinetry

3) Countertop edging

4) Toe bases

5) Light valance boards

6) Light boxes in bathrooms

7) Countertop backsplash

8) Cabinet knobs or handles

9) Tile backsplashes

10) Appliance garage doors

Wood Counter Accent

Wood Counter Accent

Real wood accents in combination with plastic laminate cabinets can add a nice designer touch to an ordinary cupboard design. When the top scribe, light rail, counter edge, toe base and handles all have the same wood used as an accent it yields a very attractive looking cabinet design.

Now we have been exploring just using accents on edges of small areas in the kitchen cabinets or countertop designs. It is possible to design upper cabinetry in a completely different color than the base cabinets. This adds a nice touch if class if the colors flow smoothly with the surroundings. Some cabinetry designers make just one upper different than all of the other cabinets.

The best way to choose accent colors is to continue researching online. I checked out Google Images prior to writing this article and found very few designs that displayed different colored accents for cabinets and countertops. Never the less it’s a great way to do a little something different from the norm.

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