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Kitchen Island Designs-Breakfast Bar Counters and Drawers

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Many of the kitchen island arrangements we see have custom designs with decorative breakfast bar counters and fancy wood work. Loads of drawers are among the most popular items to be included. Butcher block, granite and even stainless steel countertops are popular styles that the wealthy choose when designing their custom kitchen islands. Through the years, many customers have requested to have rolling carts rather than a stationary cabinetry arrangement in the center of the kitchen.

One of the most common questions that homeowners must ask themselves when designing kitchen islands is should it have a raised breakfast bar or flat? I have learned that this is decision made through personal preference. If you have a raised bar then you will have to get tall stools. Having a flat bar may work better with the overhead decorative hood or lighting.

Does your island design have a sink in it? If so it would be a good idea to consider having a high bar in the island design. This will help with the appearance of the kitchen looking clean if there are dishes on the counter.

Walkways around center cabinetry units should be three feet. It is possible to lesson that distance to two and a half feet in certain areas of the kitchen. The main concern when you are designing the size of the isle ways is to allow enough room for the appliances to be installed or removed. You must also think about how crowded the space will be when the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher doors are open.

Oftentimes customers will choose to have specially designed white or black kitchen islands designed, fabricated and installed. This tends to call attention the cabinets more than if they just blend in with the rest of the kitchen cabinets hard wood or plastic laminate design colors.

Other things to consider when designing the island cabinetry is the type of lighting that will be above and also weather or not there will be a cook top of range that will require a decorative range hood.

In my experience the angled style kitchen island designs have been the most popular that we have worked with. Breakfast bar arrangements that have raised granite counters can be very attractive when mixed with the right colors of cabinets and lighting above. If your planning on including an island in you kitchen, make sure to have plenty of drawers included in the cabinetry design. If your going to spend good money designing the island cabinets then do it right the first time.

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