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Protect Post-Form Kitchen Top Seams from Absorbing Water

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For as many years that companies have been manufacturing Post Form kitchen and bathroom counters, they have been subject to absorbing water. How can you protect the seam of a Post Form countertop from getting affected by water? In this article I will discuss several different ways you can guard your tops from being affected by moisture.

These steps are intended to be performed on the mitered seam edges prior to the kitchen countertops being installed.

How to Protect a Post Form Top From Getting a Water Damage Seam

• Contact glue and aluminum foil on the edges-This is a great way to protect the particle board seam of your Post-Form style kitchen tops from getting any water in the seam area. It’s important that you use a flammable contact adhesive when applying the foil. Spray both the tinfoil and the mitered seam edges of the counter top. Let the contact glue dry the recommended suggested time from the manufacture. Adhere the aluminum foil to the counter’s edges. Trim the foil with a razor, being extra careful to not cut the Formica surface of the kitchen Postform tops.
• Rub caulking on the particleboard edges-This method works pretty well as protection for your Post-Form kitchen countertop seam. Rub the caulking all over the seam area of the pressboard. Put the two countertops together and fasten them in place. Wipe the extra caulking off with a damp rag.
• Aluminum-Foil and caulking-First rub caulk all over the raw board seam area and allow the substance to dry for twenty four hours. Do not over apply the caulking. Only rub a thin coat, but make sure that you have covered all of the kitchen countertops seam area with the caulk. Next glue aluminum foil using the same method as described above.

Common sense should tell you that the best way to protect against water getting in the seam of a kitchen Post-Form countertop is the last method that we have given you. I’ve been working in the kitchen cabinet industry for a long time and this is by far the best method that we have ever used to protect countertops from getting water damage.

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