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Quick Fix | Pealing Vinyl Cabinet Doors

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I wouldn’t recommend this for just any type of repair for cabinetry doors. This particular quick fix is intended for rental type houses that need to be fixed up quickly in order for the next tenant to move in.

I you have cabinets that have a vinyl coating on the doors that are peeling off, it is possible to remove the coating all together and paint the surface of the board underneath. This method of fixing vinyl cupboard doors obviously only works with solid colored cabinet designs.

  • Important: Please note that of the coating is only loose around the edges you may not be able to pull the door coating off.

First you will need to take the handle or knob off and then pull the vinyl covering completely away from the MDF underneath. MDF stands for medium density fiber board.

This method for repairing peeling vinyl cabinet doors is only recommended to be used when the majority of the surface is really loose. If there is only slight pulling away from the board underneath you should refer to our article about how to replace Thermofoil doors.

Quick Fix Steps for Repairing a Pealing Vinyl Covered Kitchen or Bathroom Door

1) Remove the cabinet door handle or knob
2) Pull the vinyl completely off the door
3) Sand the medium density fiber board underneath sot he paint will adhere
4) Prime the wood with Kills paint or another recommended brand.
5) Sand the primer down and apply one or two more coats
6) Paint the surface with a durable paint that matches the color of your existing vinyl cabinetry doors.

It is my recommendation that you order new parts for these areas and store them until you have an opportunity to replace the ones that you painted. Although your paint job may have turned out terrific, the kitchen or bathroom vanity cabinets will look better with the original color on them. Besides, the painted surface will not be as durable as the vinyl door covering that the manufactures put on the doors.

In extreme cases where all of the doors have noticeable areas where the vinyl is pulling away, check to see if the cabinet doors are still under warranty. This style of vinyl cabinet door usually has a five year guarantee that covers pealing and also discoloration issues that may arise. You may discover a permanent solution to the entire mess.

  1. Joe Biondo
    April 10th, 2010 at 08:46 | #1

    Is there a way of glueing the vinyl ,when it seperates
    please let me know

    thank you
    Joe Biondo

  2. admin
    April 14th, 2010 at 05:45 | #2

    If you are just working with loose edges then you may be able to use contact glue. Never use yellow glue on Thermofoil type doors or plastic laminate.

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