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Ideas for Adding Glass to Your Kitchen Cabinet Design

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There are many different ideas for adding a touch of class and glass to your kitchen cabinet design. The use of glass in cupboards adds expense to the cost of the kitchen, but at the same time can add a dimension of wealth that separates the style from the same- old-same-old.

Glass Shelf Open End Cabinets- These are very unique and not often seen because of the difficulty in fabricating them. If you have an end of the wall cabinetry run that would look nice with an angled open unit or curved open shelves, glass in this area can really give you a contemporary look. Usually with cabinets such as these, the top and bottom of the cupboard is made out of the regular cabinet materials and the adjustable shelves are fabricated from glass. These type of shelves require a special support clip that will not allow them to tip when weight is placed on them.

Glass Door Cabinets-This style almost could have gone without being mentioned, but the type of glass you put in a glass door cabinet can make all the difference in the world. Plain clear glass is obviously the most economical, but if you want to add a rich appearance to your cupboard design, get adventurous and consider getting stain glass, water fall, frosted or ribbed styles installed in the frames. Generally custom glass can be ordered locally. We always just take the kitchen or bathroom cupboard door to a fabricator in our area and they do everything. All we have to do is install the doors on the cabinets. Adding framed mullion wondow doors to a kitchen can relly increase the value of the cupboards when it comes time to sell.

If you have an endless supply of money to spend consider having a lot of glass door cupboards fabricated for your kitchen. Here’s an idea, beveled glass looks absolutely stunning when used in large amounts.

Floating Glass-These type of shelves generally require a special track that the shelves fit into. Glass companies can custom design, deliver and install them for you.

High Top Tables-These can be custom fabricated and incorporated in the kitchen cabinet design. Oftentimes the table base can be placed at the end of a countertop that is at standard height(thirty six inches) If you make the high-top table base forty inches high a piece of half inch thick glass can be cut in a circular patter and installed on the base. This is an expensive design but will really add the hi-in look to your kitchen cabinet design.

Glass Stemware Holders-These are great additions to the kitchen design, especially when there’s a wine rack installed. The beauty of crystal dangling from a real wood holder or even brass offers a rich appearance. Adding these to any home will increase the value of your investment and return you will get when you sell the house.

Glass Block-This is something that was popular during the nineteen sixties and has been resurrected in our time today. People are using them as window treatments and also for entire walls. When used correctly the use of glass blocks can be a great additive to any kitchen design.

Glass Counters-Yes that’s correct, some people even have custom glass countertops made for their kitchens. You can only imagine the cost and the design possibilities that associated with doing this style of top. Various patterns of etched glass are available.

Those are the most popular ideas I can think of at the moment for incorporating glass into your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry designs. Adding glass to any area of the home can create a depth of elegance that will add lasting value to your investment.

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