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How to Roll Cabinet Plastic Laminate Sheet

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First off, if you have never handled plastic laminate get someone to help you roll the Formcia sheet. These thin pieces of plastic are very brittle and can break very easily if not handled correctly.

Materials needed for rolling laminate:

1) Masking or duct tape
2) Small pieces of cardboard about six inches by six inches

-Place the laminate on a flat, very clean surface with the finished side facing up. Begin rolling it with an approximate diameter of eight to ten inches. The size roll you begin with can be larger than this but should not be smaller.

-As you are applying pressure and causing the plastic sheet to roll up, make sure that it is uniformly flush on the edges. Work the sheet accordingly in order to keep each segment of the circles flush with one another.

-Do not remove your hands from keeping pressure on the sheet until all three pieces of cardboard and tape have been applied.

-Once you get to the end of the Formcia sheet, have your helper hand you a piece of cardboard and a strip of tape that is about sixteen inches long.

-Put the piece of cardboard so that it overlaps the laminate sheet’s edge evenly on both sides.

-Place the masking or duct tape over the cardboard and adhere it evenly spaced on either side of the piece of cardboard. You can apply several layers of sixteen inch long tape pieces on top of one another.

-Press the tape firmly to the Formcia sheet.

– This procedure should be done in three places on the sheet. Apply the cardboard and tape to both outer ends and put on in the center.

– Using the tape wrap several complete revolutions around the plastic laminate sheet roll inline with the cardboard and initial sixteen inch strips of tape that you applied.

-Do not be skimpy on applying tape. The last thing that you want to happen is for the adhesive bond to come loose and your Formica plastic laminate sheet will come flying apart and break.

Once you learn how to do this with someone helping you, then you can attempt to do it on your own, without help, if circumstances dictate.

Never leave the plastic laminate in a roll like this for extended periods of time because it will be virtually impossible to work with once the curved roll shape gets permanently formed in the plastic.

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