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Do Cabinets From Home Depot Come Without Backs

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Most of the cabinets that people purchase off of the shelves from Home Depot come without having solid backs on them. This of course depends upon the brand and style of cabinet that you are considering to purchase. I would suggest that you ask a sales person if the cupboards that you are looking at come equipped with solid backs on them. Most of the upper cabinetry should have solid pieces of wood in the back so that they can be hung on the wall.

The cabinets that get custom ordered from the cabinet department at Home Depot will come with backs on them, unless they are a really cheap brand of storage cabinetry.

I think all of the Mills Pride Cabinet designs come with backs on them.

It seems like the logic behind leaving the backs off of the cupboards is so that the sink cabinets don’t have to be drilled out for the plumbing pipes. Another reason is because they are just cheap cabinets. Some of the units that I have installed had half backs on them. Even though they were short to allow for missing the plumbing pipes, I still had to drill holes for the plumbing pipes in the back of the cupboards.

If you do purchase a cupboard that doesn’t have a back on it, make sure that you install the unit plumb, level and square. It’s the back of the cabinet that keeps everything square. Without it the box can get racked and then the doors will be all out of adjustment. Even if you have adjustable hinges, you should still take the time to get things perfectly level and square.

Anyway, if you are wondering if the cabinets from Home Depot have backs or not, your best bet is to go to the store and select what you want and ask the sales person. Without shopping for what you want it’s a very difficult question to answer.

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