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Kitchen Cabinet Appliance Specifications Guidelines for Ordering

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You must get the correct kitchen appliance specifications prior to ordering your cabinets. The following guidelines will help you get the correct information to pass on to your cabinetry manufacturer or supplier. Too many people just take the warning labels for granted when they are looking at the recommend specifications for ranges, hoods, refrigerators and dishwashers.

Just about every sheet that I have ever seen directs its readers to check with the manufacture to verify that the recommend dimensions are actually the correct ones. Even the specs that are in the various appliance boxes very oftentimes will provide a 1-800 number to call before ordering your cabinets or finalizing the design.

Never design or order your kitchen cabinetry on “here say” information regarding the size of the refrigerator, range, hood or dishwasher. You must go to every extreme to get the correct information. What does this mean? It means that you must keep calling and pressing through all of the doubtful people and information regarding the specs until you have a confident and concrete answer.

It is just too expensive when mistakes occur that could have been avoided. If a cabinet company builds the cabinets off of the wrong appliance specifications, the counter top people will do the same. This could accumulate into to thousands of dollars depending on how far along you are in the development of your kitchen cabinetry. If floors are completed, electrical is installed, walls are painted and then you discover that the opening should have been three inches larger, you will be paying a lot of people to fix the mistake.

I have always used these guidelines and never had an appliance not fit the cabinet design in twenty seven years. Check the specifications directly with the manufacture to ensure that what you are reading and what a sales person is telling you is in fact correct. Do this prior to ordering the appliances and designing the kitchen. You must not choose your refrigerator, range, cook-top, vent hood, or dishwasher after the cabinetry has been ordered.

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