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Kitchen Cabinet Appliance Garage Problems and Benefits

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Having a kitchen decorated with an appliance garage cabinet is a luxury. These are not cheap extras to include in your cabinetry design. There’s something that we should be aware of though, not all of these storage units are created equal in quality. We are going to look at a few of the benefits and potential problems that may be encountered when purchasing one of these units.

Benefits-Some of the most obvious benefits of having a roll-up tambour-door cabinet in the kitchen area is it eliminates the cluttered look. When toasters, coffee makers and blenders are setting on the countertop they have a tendency to be an eyesore. Having an appliance garage installed can greatly help give your kitchen cabinetry and counter-top a more cleanly appearance.

Among other benefits are the fact that they special boxes tend to add a significant element of hi-in quality to the appearance and set your lifestyle apart from the lower class. Most low priced kitchen cabinet arrangements do not have tambore door cabinets, therefore, the presence of one in the kitchen delegates to the viewer that these cabinets cost more than the “average Joe’s” storage areas.

Problems-Even though the outward appearance may be appealing to the eye of the wealthy, the quality of one appliance garage compared to the next may be miles apart. Generally one can tell by the operation of the door how well one of these special additions to the kitchen will work once it is installed. If it doesn’t work smoothly in the display, don’t be fooled into thinking that it will work any differently in your home. Many of the problems associated with these cabinets are related to how the roll-up doors are manufactured and what kind of mechanism causes the door to go up and down.

Be aware of plastic runner track. If the door is operating in a groove that is made out of plastic, eventually the stuff wiil wear down, get brittle and break. That’s just the facts of plastic parts being used in areas where friction occurs constantly.

Here’s how to check the quality of the materials used. Press on the center of the tambore door. If it is very flimsy , then the chances are that it has not been manufactured using good materials. Some appliance garage doors are fabricated using one eight inch thick materials. Over the course of time the will not hold up.

Another indicator that you may have difficulty with an appliance garage cabinet door in the future is if it is installed on a dowel rod at the top of the door which is spring loaded. These mechanisms almost always fail with time.

My Recommendation
If you can find an appliance garage cabinet for your kitchen where the door is made out of one quarter inch thick wood that has bee glued to fabric and is installed into a groove made into the sides of the cabinet, buy it. The only place that you amy be able to find such a cabinet could be from a custom cabinet maker.

Basically,  you will get what you pay for when it comes to appliances garage kitchen cabinets. If you find a quality built tambour roll-door corner cabinet unit or straight one the benefits will be worth the additional money that you spend. If you purchase a lower quality appliance cabinet you can almost be guaranteed that down the road a ways, you will have problems with the unit. If the company that you are dealing with offers a guarantee with the cupboards, it would be a good idea to consider buying it, if the price is right.

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